We Can Make It

beaBeatriz Martinelli, 20 LA, California

Hi my name is Beatriz and I come from a county called Panama in Central America. A few years ago in my country, there was a Mexican Diplomat that came to teach my class how to make movies! When it came to making our diploma short-film, I (as I usually am) was the only woman that wanted to direct out of a class of 50! I got elected to direct one of the films however because of my teacher’s political views (and me being the President’s niece) he found a way of kicking me out of that position.

I got over it and tried to give my best. Production continued, and everyone saw my determination to work on the film, so they elected me the second assistant director. We worked forty-eight hours straight with just four hours of sleep, so the first assistant director eventually lost his voice so I had to replace him as well as do my own job. It was tough, but gave my all.

After the three month program ended, I just knew I had to follow my dream of making films, as well as make a difference for all us women. I researched film schools and found New York Film Academy. I knew people there, so I made my decision. To no surprise to me, when I got there I was the only girl out of an eighteen person class! Rather than let this discourage me, it made me work even harder to stand out and always do my best. Turns out I was one of the best in class with all A’s and B’s!

But you know what, I love directing, I love acting, I love make-up, I love FX...the list goes on. I think for my age I am headed in the right direction and with perseverance I can make all of my dreams a reality. Stand tall and strong women filmmakers! We can make it.

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