by Lily Rowe Hands up if there have been days when you haven’t worn underwear, ok if your hands not up, are you sure you’re not lying? I mean come on, sometime a girl has just got to be free to feel the breeze. Big up Lily Allen who called out a Twitter troll this week who tried to embarrass her by posting a picture of her in 2014, in which she was on stage, not wearing underwear. Rather than hiding underneath the nearest rock, that girl totally owned it. She got online and shared it to her own 5.9 million followers and why not? I mean it’s her vagina, and if anyone is allowed to post a picture of Lily Allen’s vagina surely its Lily Allen?

It seems as though interestingly enough rather than the world coming to an end in the face of ‘Vagina Gate’ people have actually responded to her retaliation positively, with one follower creating the hashtag #vaginaidol in response. Isn’t that just so great? Totally because it shows you that the future really is female, it shows us that what women want from a modern day empowerment movement is to break free of conventional notions of the female, and stand together in solidarity, without pants on if we so choose.

Women of the world we shouldn’t be ashamed of our own bodies Lily is totally right, all women have vaginas. We all love babies so why can’t we love and embrace the vaginas they are pushed out of? Its 2018 and it’s time for women to own what makes us unique and of value, and it is our vaginas which do that. #Vaginaidol shows us that gone are the days in which women should only take off their underwear in the dark, at night, in their marital home, while they lie back and think of England. Know your value and know that the Female body is not shameful, it is beautiful, amazing and brings life into this world. Just as Lily has done we need to all learn that it is ok to not be ashamed!

That being said perhaps the most valuable lesson Lily has taught us this week is simply to not allow bullies to make us feel ashamed of our bodies, or to make a little vagina slip become a massive, great big, totally unnecessary deal, because it isn’t it’s just a vagina. Get out there and slay every day, don’t allow anyone to belittle your contribution. As long as we sit at home shocked and horrified by these kinds of things, the longer the patriarchy wins, and the longer the notion of shame lingers like a bad smell around the Female form. Own that nipple slip, that panty line, go braless, take off your pants and run through the streets if you like, just don’t allow anyone else to dictate to you what is right for you and your body; because it is after all yours.