Dream, Girl Documentary Update!

FailureThe Dream, Girl kickstarter campaign is in full swing and with just 13 days left I have had the amazing opportunity to share my thoughts and journey with a variety of wonderful blogs! Here is a quick article roundup of some of the things I have learned along the way!

"Make no mistake, the female entrepreneurs “Dream, Girl” focuses on and all the other women out there who are starting their own companies didn’t blindly jump off the high dive on their first day on the job. They started by making small risks and pushing their limits, brick by brick." Let's Fail at Something Today | ChelseaKrost.com

"Sometimes you just have to throw on a pair of heels and smile through it. No one can see the jittery moments or the nervous text messages you send beforehand – they just see the glossy end result. Break down that door and fake it til you make it!" Top 10 Things I Learned from the Female Business Leaders of Tomorrow | DesignSponge.com

"How is it that there are super badass female leaders out there just waiting to inspire young girls to follow suit, yet we have no idea who they are?" A New Documentary That Will Showcase The Stories Of Female Entrepreneurs | Bust.com

"I saw Sophia Amoruso from Nasty Gal speak in SoHo this summer, which was incredible. Even more inspiring than her speech was all of the aspiring #girlbosses who came out to see her." Introducing Dream, Girl | ScreamLoudly.com

"I am a huge business nerd and love hearing about the intricacies and experiences of starting a company…mostly because I consider myself to be entrepreneurial. I was meeting all these great women, and found myself incredibly inspired by their stories. I wanted nothing more than to understand their stories and share them on a large scale." Dream, Girl Documentary Encouraging Women to be Ambitous | GirlTalkHQ.com

"I really want to give girls role models to look up to- to be able to view themselves as leaders and take those risks that we know so well men can do." Sharp & Hot Podcast (15 min mark)

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