The Girl Gang Missives Vol. 20


GGMBy Nicole BelangerThe Girl Gang Missives is a weekly report on the badass things that women are making/creating/building/writing.

[dropcap background="no" color="#333333"]T[/dropcap]his week, the women are sad and scared and it feels wrong to try and say something clever here.[wc_divider style="solid" line="double" margin_top="5" margin_bottom="5"]

  1. A call to arms in the face of police brutality: Ijeoma Oluo (and other Black people) shouldn't have to tell us how to do the things that the rest of us should just start doing automatically in the face of this ongoing violence, but here we are. If you want to do your part, she is currently recruiting support for an anti-police brutality initiative, you can sign up here.

If you are short on time but have cash to spare, you can donate to Issa Rae's fundraiser for Alton Sterling's family here.[divider type="white" spacing="10"]

1.5 And a reminder to listen: If you would like to read some words from Black writers this week, I suggest this piece and this piece as a start.[divider type="white" spacing="10"]

  1. Don't call me a virgin: Vaginismus is a condition can make penis-in-vagina sex an excruciating experience -- but that doesn't mean that everyone who has it is a virgin.[divider type="white" spacing="10"]
  2. Support under-represented game creators! Found Loot is a new initiative to help fund gaming and gaming-related projects from diverse creators. Designed to help give creators that last little boost that is often needed to cross the finish line and go from idea to finished project, Found Loot will be transferring funds directly from supporters to makers.[divider type="white" spacing="10"]
  3. Cool shirts to help cool teens rock out: The Pabst Smears Fund (that was so fun to write) is a collective dedicated to diversifying the music scene. This year, they are holding a fundraiser in which they are selling extremely cool tshirts and swag to help fund an extremely cool rock camp for teen girls. Win win.[divider type="white" spacing="10"]
  4. The true story of a startup almost going under: When your business is supplying low-cost incubators to health care providers in countries where electricity is not plentiful, the prospect of your startup going under is particularly horrifying. This is the story of how Jane Chen saved herself and Embrace Innovations from being pulled under with the tide.[divider type="white" spacing="10"]
  5. I'll take "authors not to sleep on" for $400, Alex: Huge congrats to Esmé Weijun Wang, who is the recipient of the Graywolf Nonfiction Prize for 2016 for her essay collection, The Collected Schizophrenias.[divider type="white" spacing="10"]
  6. Chop Suey Nation: On the history and significance of Canadian small-town Chinese food.[divider type="white" spacing="10"]
  7. A GGM community shout out: Thanks to Girl Gang member Lauren Bacon for sharing her friend's work with us!

"My friend just launched something that seems perfect for GGM and I had to share: The Church of St. Felicia. Alexis Morgan, the woman behind it, is a friend of mine.

In short, she was inspired to create The Church of St. Felicia for those who are tired of racist, patriarchal B.S. and need to channel that "Bye, Felicia" energy. She reached out to an illustrator known for his work on tarot decks, and lo and behold, St. Felicia, the patron saint of No Fucks to Give, was born."

Check out Alexis' shop here![divider type="white" spacing="10"]

  1. Something nice for the road: This week doesn't really feel like one for silliness, so let's go with something sweet instead.

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Now, over to you…

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