The Girl Gang Missives Vol. 9


GGMBy Nicole BelangerThe Girl Gang Missives is a weekly report on the badass things that women are making/creating/building/writing.

[dropcap background="no" color="#333333"]T[/dropcap]his week, the women are running 100 mile races, interviewing Liz Gilbert, and premiering their films.[wc_divider style="solid" line="double" margin_top="5" margin_bottom="5"]

  1. Tegan & Sara will not be underestimated: Or so this fantastic profile of the sister duo written by Laura Snapes would suggest. Get ready, world. The Quin sisters are coming.[divider type="white" spacing="10"]
  2. The League of Awkward Unicorns is now recruiting: Emotional distress and mental illness thrive in isolation and silence. They prefer when we don't talk about them and suffer alone, allowing them space to grow and take root in the most private parts of our hearts and minds. Although simply having a conversation about clinical depression won't make it go away, shining a light on our struggles can go a long way towards making us feel less alone, and empowering us to ask for help. And that is precisely what Alice Bradley and Deanna Zandt are hoping to accomplish with their ground-breaking podcast, The League of Awkward Unicorns. Have a listen![divider type="white" spacing="10"]
  3. She's doing a 100 mile 'ultramarathon' -- all without the sense of sight: This past weekend, Canadian Rhonda-Marie Avery became a member of a bizarre/impressive group of people who think 60 hour-long 'ultramarathons' are fun weekend activities. What makes it even more impressive is that she is first blind athlete to race in the Barkley Marathons held in rural Tennessee. Check out a video of how she does it here.[divider type="white" spacing="10"]
  4. Introducing the Ctrl Alt Delete podcast: Podcasts are kind of a dime-a-dozen these days, but podcasts that manage to get beststelling author/worldwide phenomenon Liz Gilbert as their first-ever guest? Those are few and far between. While I haven't had a chance to tune in yet, I've heard fabulous things about Emma Gannon's new podcast Ctrl Alt Delete, which talks about the ways in which the internet has shaped our lives -- and I think quite a few of you would really enjoy it![divider type="white" spacing="10"]
  5. Pipe cleaners in your pocket: Seeking to capture her son's fleeting childhood, San Francisco photographer Melissa Kaseman began taking pictures of the contents of his pockets every day when he came home from preschool. From pipe cleaners to star stickers to feathers, each collection of random objects spoke to the special way children have of seeing and understanding the world. Now she has published the beautiful, whimsical photos in the collection Preschool Pocket Treasures.[divider type="white" spacing="10"]
  6. Meet the woman who operated an abortion clinic out of her retirement fund: And five other women whose lives have been fundamentally altered by the terrifying and unjust TRAP laws being passed in America. Special thank you to Elle writer Mattie Kahn for this piece.[divider type="white" spacing="10"]
  7. Get your dream on this June at the Dream, Girl world premiere! Over the last year, I have had the privilege of watching from backstage as my dear friends Komal Minhas and Erin Bagwell prepared the documentary film Dream, Girl, about the powerful stories of women entrepreneurs, for it's world premiere. That event is now right around the corner and tickets go on sale tomorrow! If you would like to learn more about attending, or about hosting your own screening, click here.[divider type="white" spacing="10"]
  8. Meet Paths, a YA comic about online violence: Created by writer Mikki Kendall, illustrated by her husband and colored by her son, Paths is a digital comic book created in partnership with the Center for Solutions to Online Violence. Available free for download, it is intended to be"a way to help parents, teachers, and kids think about why this issue matters and its potential impact."[divider type="white" spacing="10"]
  9. On the deaths of Indigenous students in Thunder Bay: As some of you may have heard, the remote Canadian city of Thunder Bay is currently undergoing a reckoning as it faces the results of a coroner's inquest into the deaths of seven Indigenous students who were forced to come to the city from their isolated communities in order to attend a high school. This week, CBC reporter Jody Porter published a deep dive into this tragic story through the eyes of one of the children's father.[divider type="white" spacing="10"]
  10. A GGM community shoutout! Special thank you to writer and editor Sarah Lynn Knowles for sharing with me that her art/literary/music journal, Storychord, is actively looking for female contributors for upcoming issues. (Note: this is not a paid gig)[divider type="white" spacing="10"]
  11. Something giggle-worthy for the road: Kara for President 2016.[divider type="white" spacing="10"]
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