Thanks to Feminism...

SameeSamee CallahanFW University Ambassador

Feminism has made me a better person in the way religion is supposed to make people better. In that light, I see feminism as my religion. Because of feminism I have learned to be more open-minded and understanding.

It has also made me love myself more. No longer do I berate myself for not having smooth, muscular thighs like the other women around me. I’ve learned that my worth is more than what people can see on the outside.

Feminism has made me more interested and knowledgeable of the world around me. The world no longer revolves around me. I care about the health and safety of people in Hong Kong as much as I do about the people in Ferguson because we are all equal and deserve to be treated as such.

I am now an activist. It’s important to spread the word about all of the social injustice that occurs in peoples everyday lives that others may have not otherwise been aware of. It’s important to encourage other women that they can be whoever and whatever they want to be; being there for them and supporting them in anyway possible.

Thanks to feminism, I am a big dreamer. Before feminism I thought the best thing that could happen to me was to have a career at my local newspaper in Nebraska. Now I know that New York is where I really want to be, competing with the big dogs (men and women alike).

Feminism has made me a hard worker. I used to rely on my good looks, charm, and white privilege to get me where I want. Now I try my best to avoid any white privilege that may be placed on me in the workplace. I want to be the best because I am the best, not because my skin color gives me greater power or because my boobs look great in this dress.

Feminism has made me more aware of the effects of popular culture on our society. I no longer buy appropriated Native American style clothing, no matter how cute it may be. When I consume popular culture, I am more aware of the implications.

Before I was a feminist, fat people made me angry because I saw it as an unhealthy way of living. Now fat people are not “fat people,” but just people. I have no right to judge anyone’s lifestyle, especially when I am not aware of the full circumstances.

I’m smarter now because of feminism. Whenever I couldn’t understand something before I would just get my brother to give me the answers or figure it out for me. Now I know that if I just put my mind to it, I can figure it out because being a girl does not mean I am exempt from learning things because “there will always be a man to do it for me.” I have learned how to do things on my own.

Because of feminism I am independent. I used to think that I could never live without a man. I was constantly in and out of relationships, never having time to learn about myself. Now I know I could live without a man if I wanted to or if I had to. My main goal in life isn’t to marry a man and start a family. My wedding day won’t be the most important day of my life. Although I do want to do all of these things, they’re all one part of a bigger picture.

Because of feminism, I want more out of life than what some of society thinks I should want. I want to be successful in my career, and that is the most important thing to me right now.

Thanks to feminism, I demand respect when I walk in a room. I no longer care if people like me. Not everyone in life is going to like you, especially when you say things that they don’t want to hear, which happens often as a feminist. But I do care that I am respected.

Feminism has taught me a lot and I am still learning every single day. I am so lucky to have feminism in my life.

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