Introducing Teagan Taylor


TeganTaylor_200x200aHello everyone!  My name is Teagan Taylor and I am a songwriter, singer, cornetist/trumpeter and recording artist in San Diego, Calif.  My band and I have made it our mission to write songs that move people, make them think and feel.  Another main goal of our music is to skillfully blend genres into our own unique sound that's complex yet catchy, cutting-edge and captures people’s attention.  From jazz, to R&B, to soul, to regaae, to rock, we have covered many genres--all that have been a huge influence on us through the years.

We strive to write, perform and produce music that is true to raw traditions and relevant to modern songwriting, arranging and production standards.  Our newest album,“Hello”, is a prime example of our eclectic sound.  In this piece, I am going to talk about my feminist-coming-out experience and how music and songwriting has furthered my feminist identity.

In addition to being a musician, I am an out-and-proud feminist!  It was not until I went to college that I took Women’s Studies courses (I would eventually change my major to Women’s Studies) and found out what feminism was and that I myself was a feminist, too.  It was a life-changing experience for me to gain the language of feminism and to formulate and build upon ideas and beliefs I had even before I had “come out.”  One of the things I am most grateful for is that through my progression as a feminist I have been able to combine two things that I am most passionate about: music and feminism.  The first time I even wrote a song with a clear-cut feminist message was for one of my Women’s Studies classes.  We had to produce an artistic project for our final and I knew I was going to do something musically.  As I pondered over how I was going to approach this, lyrics began to come into my head and eventually the song was created.  I called it “Wishful Thinking”  and it addresses feminist issues like racism, and how our past has crippled our society from moving forward. It discusses women’s sexuality and how religion plays a large part in how women are expected to be and act, and it addresses relationship violence and the necessity of consent.  The chorus rings with affirmations  realizing that we need to change our culture, our society, our beliefs and our actions. Writing this song helped me with my “coming out” process because I was able to send a feminist message in my own way through my love of music.  Once I wrote this song I realized I could be a feminist and a musician and possibly make change in the world.  This was my own type of activism, and since I wrote this song, I haven’t stopped.  “Coming out” as a feminist has totally shaped the musician I am today.  Feminism influences my writing, my image and who I am as a young woman in today’s world.  I hope you enjoy the tune!