Stop Rape Culture

14602798720927.SA3HChMTSb2z40I3lIbp_height640by Sean Pacheco

I was always the one who cringed at the words, 'pussy’ and 'faggot.' I always hated those words and words alike, but I never grasped the concepts of those words exactly.

I did not claim I was a feminist for a long time. I did not even realize the implications that these societal mannerisms produced.

I grew up with people calling me a 'pussy' or a 'faggot' because I was not playing into my gender role as they had wanted me to. Little did I know that I was not doing something wrong, but they were.

I was simply acting myself, but they were eternalizing rape culture.

It's important to state that I identify as a man, and I think one of the hardest things for a man to realize is that men have certain privileges. We have to realize the tough truth: we earn more money, we are more well-respected in the job industry, we are seen as stronger people (whatever that means).

I believe that some men take these privileges and reinterpret them as empty advantages that build them into thinking they are superior to women. This is not right! We are supposed to take our knowledge of these privileges, and use it to create equality in all aspects of the world.

We are treated better for no reason at all.

Today, I stand for feminism and all of its rewards. When I hear someone say those words that have echoed in my mind since I was a child, I immediately call him or her out on it. Really, most people who say those words do not realize what they are doing. They say it because everyone does (which says a lot about the grand misogyny and rape culture that thrives in our time).

To anyone who uses these words, I want to tell you that it means more than what you think. Not only do these words eternalize rape culture, but they encourage young children (who do not know any better) to commit suicide.

Calling something 'gay' associates homosexuality with weakness. Calling someone a 'pussy' equates the female gender with weakness.

No one is ever weak because they identify with a certain gender or sexual orientation! Women are strong! Homosexual people are strong! We are strong.

Stop rape culture.

Sean Pacheco, 19 years old, studies in College of the Holy Cross and he's studying psychology and sociology.