Similar, but Yet so Different.

Luiz[dropcap background="no" color="#333333"]F[/dropcap]ilmmaking is a powerful media that can change the way we view the world and ourselves. Unfortunately stories about women’s media aren’t a priority in most countries. In the U.S. women are less than 16% of protagonists on film. However one young man trying to change that ratio in Sweden is Luiz Felipe Sandre, the Director of the film, “Similar, but Yet so Different”. Check out our exclusive interview with him below and support his Kickstarter Campaign! [divider type="short"]

Can you tell us who you are what inspired you to create this film?

My name is Luiz Felipe Sandre, I’m a director and writer from Brazil and I’m currently working for a production company in Sweden. My first and biggest inspiration, not only for this project but also for life, is my mom. Her life story is fascinating. She comes from a very poor family and she lived in a one room house with her parents and her eight siblings. Her mom told her to stop studying and start working, because she was a woman and she didn’t need to study. My mom was only nine years old when that happened. She was really passionate about her studies, so she started working during the day and secretly going to school at night. She grew up in Brazil in the 60’s, when our society was extremely racist and sexist, so that made things even harder for her. Even though she had all those challenges, she managed to have a successful career and a loving family, and both were her biggest dreams. My mom is also an extremely happy person, who is always in good mood. The biggest lessons my mom has taught me are to never give up on any of my dreams and always look at life in a positive and optimistic way. Besides my mom, I met other women who had similar stories as her, both in Brazil and Sweden, and I was fascinated with their similarities, but at the same time how unique their paths were. At that moment, I felt those stories should be told to everyone, and that’s when I decided to create this documentary. [divider type="dashed"]

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I think it's amazing you are showcasing your mom and other inspirational women. What is the response you have been getting from other women about your message? Are they surprised the film is coming from her son?

So far I have got only positive responses and they have been really impressed that the project is through the son’s perspective. Many women have been contacting me to congratulate me for the initiative and some of them have even sent me their own life stories, so their experiences could improve the project even more. I’m so happy and excited that the film is already inspiring so many women even before getting made.[divider type="short"]

Do you self identify as a feminist?

Yes, I definitely do. There is this negative concept of feminism in our society, as if it is a radical organization of women wanting to have power over men, or even worse, of women hating men, but that’s completely wrong. This idea makes a lot of people feel insecure of calling themselves feminist, including many women. Feminism is not about power or hate, it’s about rights! Equal rights. Feminists are fighting against this label of inferiority that our society put on the women and we are seeking for all women to be respected and have the same opportunities as men. I’m always really proud to call myself feminist, because I know that thanks to the feminists in the past we improved so much in gender equality and that the new feminist generation will go even further.[divider type="short"]

What would you say to our readers who might be nervous about starting their own crowdfunding campaigns? Any advice or motivational thoughts?


Running a campaign is a lot of work, you need to work on your campaign as hard as you will in your project, but if you believe in your cause and idea there is no reason to not start a campaign. There are many people and groups who will be engaged and in love with your project as much as you are, and they will support you. Just reach out to them. One advice, contact them even before you start your campaign and make them as excited as you, so your campaign can start with a great support already.[divider type="dashed"]