tumblr_mx9ky6XF3i1sa7h11o1_400by Serenity Hart I used to think that beauty was a skinny white girl on the cover of a cosmo magazine, until it dawned on me that beauty is an illusion. My ideal beauty was not a black woman with curves and dark skin. And it took me a long time to be comfortable with my own appearance.

I think that other women can relate to not feeling beautiful based on what they see in the media, or even by what they are told by their peers. I stand in front of strangers holding these cameras as they snap pictures of me while I pose in positions that try to connect with the themes and messages that we as a team try to give life to.

I do this because it speaks the truth about body Image. It helps me appreciate who I am in my rawest form. Being naked does not have to be attached to sex and shame… I sell my unclothed body for an art form not for sex. In this society we are conditioned to believe we have to cover up because a female body is something to hide. Something to keep under wraps. I want to break this stereotype by remaining true to my core and stand in it, naked.

The work created out of my poses opens up channels of divinity and self-worth that most people keep caged inside. Imagine feeling free of self-consciousness and free of labels. When you begin to feel comfortable with your body, you will gain the confidence to share your presence with the world. After all, you are a beautiful person from the inside out. Your mind, body, and soul are the direct sources connected to your essence as a human. Once you rid yourself of other people’s opinions you will find serenity within yourself. This serenity will bring peace to your mind. You will feel free or worry, doubt, and fear; three of the six major causes of failure. You were born to shine, now shine naked.

Reading this you may be thinking that I’m irresponsible, crazy, or brave. You will all have opinions about me whether I like it or not. The important thing for me to know is that, no matter what opinion you have, I know who I am, and what message I want to share with you. That message is this; I want you to feel confident and secure with who you are so that you can be your best self and have others looks at you and say, “I admire you for having the courage to lead as an example”.

Serenity Hart encourages every woman to embrace her body, and love herself. For more on Serenity check out:

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