Rational Creatures


Happy Feminist Wednesday Jessamyn, can you introduce yourself to our Bettys?

Hi, I’m Jessamyn! I’m part of a multinational team of four female filmmakers making a modern web series inspired by Jane Austen’s Persuasion called “Rational Creatures”. We’ve completed several other web series and we’re really pushing ourselves to take our craft to the next level with this project.

How did you got started in your craft?

I happened into filmmaking when two of my friends and I decided to make a vlog-style web series adapting Sense and Sensibility for modern day in 2014. I fell in love with the process and I’ve now worked on eight shows and learned so much about filmmaking. I just can’t stop!

Why feminism is important to you and how it influences your work?

Hollywood has made small steps towards being inclusive, but women, and especially women of color and queer women, are still sorely underrepresented on screen. I’m passionate about including nuanced portrayals of women in my work that reflect the world I see around me.

What do you do to avoid feminist burnout? Whats your favorite self care practice?

Fighting the patriarchy and making female-centrtic content can definitely wear a girl down. I combat burnout by drinking a LOT of tea and regularly doing yoga videos off YouTube.

Do you have any advice for anyone starting out in your field?

My advice to upcoming female filmmakers is to persevere and find a way to get your projects finished! Make it on an iphone in your bedroom with your friends for actors if you have to, but practice your craft anyway you can. You don’t have to have glossy production values to practice the important parts of filmmaking!

How can we support your work?

We’re currently crowdfunding to cover our production costs for Rational Creatures and we’d appreciate if you joined us by following, sharing, and donating! We need to bring the amazing women in our script to life, and we can’t do it without your help. You can support the show here