People We Love: Aunt Holly

tumblr_mvum4rPZDO1sa7h11o1_400Aunt Holly’s Words of Encouragement Hi. I’m Holly, and I have earned all my wrinkles. I’m writing this article to enlighten and encourage. Listen to your moms and grandmothers. We have been around the block a few times.

To all young feminists: I remember a time when I was a rebel, and did not want to listen to my mother.  I actually tried to do the exact opposite of what mommy told me to. Still do BUT, here are a few things I’ve learned along the way:

*No tanning beds, use tanning lotion….all damage occurs to your skin by age 21, skin cancer ain’t no picnic

*Drink lots of wine

*Homeopathic remedies should be included in your medical decisions

*Drink lots of wine

*Keep your friends forever……nothing is better in life

*Drink lots of wine

*Pick and choose your battles, some shit just doesn’t make any difference

*Never ever forget to say Please and Thank-you…kill them with kindness

*Drink lots of wine

*Always reciprocate….give back

*Be a Feminist! with a splash of Cinderella!

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