October Guest Writer's Topic: #heforshe

HeforSheGlorious sorcerous and activist Emma Watson recently gave a heartfelt call to action at the UN regarding feminism with a special message to the men in our life (watch the speech here). She asked them to open their perspectives about gender equality and get involved in the cause. Naturally the internet exploded with #heforshe thoughts on men and feminism and it got me thinking about all our roles in the activist game.

It is interesting to note that while running FW for the past year- the most troll activity I have gotten was not about any single perspective, but a single gender. Men who wrote articles for us were subject to more scrutiny, more hate, and more comments (mostly by men) than any other topic. What is it about allowing men a place at the table that makes us so uncomfortable? Perhaps its the genuine fear that if men do participate in feminist discussions and work then the world will actually change and women’s equality socially, politically, and economically will finally be achieved! If thats the case beavers then lets get this ball rolling!!!

For this month’s writing topic share with us a story about a man in your life who has helped you discover or further your feminist mission. Whether it be a family member, friend, or partner- who is someone that supports you and made you a better feminist? Male beavers- I also encourage you to share your thoughts on this topic! Is there a woman in your life who inspired you to activism? Why is it an important cause to you and how to you personally feel connected or changed by feminism?

To submit: 

Email your 1-2 page google doc to Erin at feministwed@gmail.com with your photo and we will publish your article on the blog + social media channels!

Viva La Beaver!

Deadline: Nov 1

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