No Nets Album Out Now!

NoNetsMost of you BeaverTalk fans already know that our amazing co-host Sal has spent the last two years writing, recording, and working on his new album for the band No Nets. However, what some of you might not know is that Erin (your host of BeaverTalk and Founder of FW) lends her voice to one of the tracks on the album, a song called "So Much Slower." We asked Sal what the song's main message was and he this is what he told us:

When you love someone, sometimes it's easy to take things about your relationship granted. How they always support and encourage you, how they make you laugh every single day, how they keep you level headed and positive, and how lucky you are to have them in your life. This song is about admitting that you can be a tough person to love, and realizing that without that other person you'd be half of who you could be. You make a little promise to yourself to to never let a single second go by without showing that person how much they mean to you.

"Without you I'd be burning holes the size of manhattan in my lungs /and all the words inside my head would never make it past my tongue." Is my favorite line of the song.

Listen to "So Much Slower" here! And be sure to check No Nets new album, Affable & Ready for Small Talk out on iTunes, Rdio, and Spotify!