Finding The Right Solution for Your Body

13243598661330.BJPPjJWsMb7mx1dlY2ka_height640Amanda Walla

At the young age of 14, my mother and I decided that the best option for me to have a more normal menstrual cycle would be to start taking the pill. I began my period at age 10 and had the worst cycle ever, which included extreme to heavy bleeding, sometimes even multiple times a month. Before I had driven a car, had my first boyfriend, or even thought about one day having children, I was taking a single pill of hormones every day to regulate my cycle.

It took a while to find a prescription that really worked for me – some would make me spotty, others made me gain weight, and not to mention I was paying almost $40 per pack per month for a while before I realized I was being prescribed the name brand rather than the generic version. All in all, I had a pretty mediocre experience with various birth control pills, but this year, as my yearly check-up was approaching, I wanted a change.

After doing some intensive research on my options for other birth control, I was intrigued at finding out more about an intrauterine device (IUD). An IUD is a “small T-shaped plastic device that is wrapped in copper or contains hormones” (WebMD). This device is placed into your uterus by your gynecologist. I was attracted to the idea of having an IUD because it would eliminate the human error of missing a pill or taking it late. Furthermore, it was more effective than birth control and could last from 3-5 years without hurting your chances of conceiving children after it was removed. And I haven’t even mentioned the best part – no more periods… for 3-5 YEARS (I know, right?!)! After even more research, I decided that the Mirena IUD right for me. Many people have heard of the Mirena IUD, but have only heard seriously negative and scary reviews which have included stories of the device embedding itself on to the uterine wall, which requiresr surgical removal; however, I wanted to reassure women who may have been searching for a longer-term birth control solution that the Mirena IUD has worked fabulously for me. It’s definitely appropriate to speak with your doctor about whether Mirena is right for you, especially considering the overwhelmingly negative responses I’ve read on the internet. Remember, more people go to the internet to blog about the bad experiences they’ve had rather than the good ones.

Mirena has given me freedom from the pill and everything else that my period would hold me back from doing. I feel safe and comfortable with my decision and encourage women of all ages to look more into other IUD solutions to their birth control needs.