NEW Dream, Girl Trailer

Happy International Women's Day! I am so excited to share the brand NEW Dream, Girl trailer with my favorite feminist community in the entire world- Feminist Wednesday!

This trailer is Betty the Beaver approved and I am so honored to bring my feminism and our need for gender equality into another facet of my life through filmmaking.

Happy (early) Feminist Wednesday and as always #VIVALABEAVER!



P.S. This film is being produced by six bad ass women- meet our whole crew here!

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Man-300x300"No voices, no second guessing, no doubt. What I was wearing or if I had makeup on didn’t matter. The range of my voice was of no consequence, no one cared how long my hair was or how short my skirt was. The only thing that mattered was doing amazing work. We were the experts. We made the rules. We got to be men for a month, and it was fucking awesome."


Read about what it was like to work on an all female crew >>