Why Women Are the Greatest Creatures On Earth


tumblr_mwkgm55vuH1sa7h11o1_400by Tara Strigler I remember sitting in my high school freshman orientation wondering “why did my mom force me to come to an all girl school?”I was the typical high school freshman excited about embarking on a new journey of my life. I had my whole high school career planned out in my head. I was going to be the super cute cheerleader, dating the all star basketball player and I would be wearing his varsity jacket during homecoming. I would have lunches similar to a scene in ”High School Musical” and every time in between classes I’d get a little social time. Welp, my hopes and dreams were completely shattered. I was stuck with nothing but females, no exciting homecomings to look forward to… and no guys! When it comes to myself, if I’m not comfortable in a situation, I automatically shut down all opportunities for people to get to know me.

I remember walking down to the cafeteria and the whole freshman class filled up all the tables. At that point, I had no choice but to pick a table and sit down. The girls that were at the table were “okay”, but I knew that they weren’t my cup of tea. The next day, we officially started classes. My first class was gym and in that class is where I met my lifelong friends. The first person I clicked with was Taylor, the fashionista who has a great ear for great music and believes in second chances. We found that we were the same but very different in many aspects of life. Me and Tay began to eat lunch together. As the weeks went by, more and more people started to sit at the table we usually sat at for lunch. Eventually, 5 more girls were faithfully eating lunch with us everyday as well. Rosalyn, Amaris, Sherrylee, Tayler, and Richona were now apart of our friendship. All of us together were a piece of work. We were just a vibrant, intelligent, profound, group of young women.

Together, we formed the “Wolfpac”. We were a group of girls who stuck together and were on a mission at all times. A mission to succeed, and be role models to people around us. Don’t get me wrong, we had our silly and not so “role modelish” days but we always got it together. We each brought different individual qualities to the table that made us one. I loved that about us. Hanging with a group of girls that inspired each other to apply to colleges, get scholarships, go out for sports team, and just to be confident in everything that we did was such a profound moment of my life. We uplifted one another on our worst days and to this day, we still do.

Those 6 girls made me realize that women have an important role on this earth. There is no greater feeling then being around such a strong group of people that remind you everyday that you have a purpose. They made me realize that my purpose is to inspire women, to help women understand the importance of self worth and to never rely on the opposite sex to make you happy. You should be proud to be a woman. Women are the greatest creatures on this planet and if it just takes myself to reach out to all females personally to drill that in their heads, I will do so.

To the “Wolfpac”: Continue to hold your head high. We are all enduring different journeys of our lives but eventually we will be brought back together making an impact once again. Stay loyal, beautiful, and confident. I love you all!

Feminist Moment of Enlightenment was written by feminist blogger Tara from Showyourspine.com. And follow her on instagram and twitter at @showyourspine 

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