Meet Sarah Rizkalla Founder & Editor-in-Chief of New York Minute Magazine

My name is Sarah Rizkalla, and I am the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of New York Minute Magazine. I started NYMM in May of 2012 as a one-woman show after leaving a promising Wall Street career that ended up being spiritually and emotionally unfulfilling. New York Minute Magazine is an online publication that focuses on spreading awareness of gender inequality around the world, as well as highlighting women who are breaking barriers by making impactful contributions to and doing important work for our global community.

Our goal is to encourage women to excel and be empowered in all aspects of their lives, and prove that being a woman is always a strength, never a deficiency.

Tell us how you got started in your craft?

I was sitting at my desk one day and realized that I did not want to dedicate the next 30 years of my life helping rich people get richer. I wanted my legacy to be about helping people building something great, and that’s how the idea of NYMM came along. I stopped doing what I thought I should because of outside influence and opened my mind to do what was in my heart.

I left my financially-full career on Wall Street and started an online magazine that eventually morphed into my purpose and passion of empowering women. God guided me through everything.

Tell us why feminism is important to you and how it influences your work?

I grew up in Egypt, a country that doesn’t value or see women. Thankfully, I had feminist parents who encouraged me to be and do whatever I want, and being a woman was never going to stop me.

I curated New York Minute Magazine to empower, encourage, and equip women while living in a world that, time and time again, shows itself to be largely built against them. I also love speaking to as many women as possible, whether it’s through conferences or women's events, to open up their eyes to the value that they hold.

What do you do to avoid feminist burnout? What’s your favorite self-care practice?

It’s really easy to feel down or depressed when I read news that emphasizes how far we still are from equality. Sometimes I have to stop reading, stop talking about it, and just take a break.

In my breaks, I enjoy a laugh at misogyny by watching shows that illustrate it in such a ridiculous way, like The Office. I would say that is part of my self-care practice. But also being with people who love and support me helps a lot, and trying to take breaks. I’m getting better at that.

Do you have any advice for anyone starting out in your field?

Find your purpose. Hopefully you don’t have to dig down deep to excavate it. It should be a fire within you, something powerful that you think about a lot and want to pursue. It’s probably not right at the surface, but you just have to sort through what your mind focuses on.

Passion is always key to starting a business but make sure you develop a business plan shortly after. Be ready to sacrifice, work hard, and prepare yourself for the times that you’re not going to be super positive about what you’re doing. Also, it’s important that you have an amazing support system of people who tell you the truth but also encourage and support you.

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