Meet Megan Grassell, Founder of Yellowberry


YELLOWBERRY[dropcap background="no" color="#333333"]R[/dropcap]emember buying your first bra? There were so many unanswered questions: What’s the deal with underwire? What’s a training bra, and why does that term feel so condescending? Do I really need to look like a Victoria’s Secret model at 12 years old? If Yellowberry had been around back then, things would have been a whole lot easier. Founded by girlboss Megan Grasswell when she was only 17 years old, Yellowberry is a line of cute, comfy and practical bras and underwear for girls. We caught up with Megan to talk girlboss life and how her definition of feminism fuels Yellowberry. [divider type="dashed" spacing="10"]

Introduce yourself! Tell us who you are and what you do.

My name is Megan Grassell, and I am the 20-year- old Founder and CEO of Yellowberry. A native to Wyoming, I started this company as a junior in high school out of my bedroom after I took my younger sister shopping to buy her first bras. I was appalled at what was available for her and girls her age. We went to so many different stores in the mall, and I just saw more of the same. Everything seemed so overly sexualized with padding, push-up features and underwires. I remember thinking that girls needed another option, rather than a product for young girls with a tag that read, “Wear this and grow two cups sizes.” After that day, I decided that if no one else was going to make age-appropriate bras for girls, I would find a way do it myself.

Can you tell us how you define feminism and how that plays a part in what you do?

I am a feminist. I believe that women and men are equal. And it absolutely plays a part in what I do each day. We are making bras for girls. We are a team of women who all went through the process of buying and wearing our first bras. With that insight to our Yellowberry girls, we are designing products that will fit them the best, feel incredibly comfortable, and offer our girls the support that they want and need. We are not thinking about how the products will look to an observer, that’s not the point. The purpose of Yellowberry, our brand and all of our products, is to empower girls to wear bras and not feel like they have to look, dress, or feel a certain way when doing so - it’s just a bra, and that’s awesome. It fits you, you put it on in the morning and go out to take on the world.

What message do you hope your work sends to young girls?

The overarching message is that I want girls to feel empowered and confident when they wear a Yellowberry bra. We’re here when girls are ready – no pressure to start too early. We offer an option for girls to choose, and we are building a community of women and girls that are here to support one another, to celebrate milestones like buying your first bra.

I also want girls to know that they are capable of doing exactly what I have done. I was 17. I did not have any experience. I did not have a support system. I started this on my own. And it’s so doable for girls anywhere and everywhere to start their own companies no matter how old an inexperienced they are.

What advice would you have for other women who want to start companies with empowering, important missions?

Ask the question and put yourself out there. If the worst answer someone can give you is “no,” then you must always ask the question.

Any upcoming projects or initiatives our readers should know about?

We have a lot of new styles in the works… and I am very excited to release them soon – keep checking the website!