Meet Fluide

FluideHappy Feminist Wednesday! This week we chatted with our dear friend Isabella Giancarlo about her new all gender makeup company, Fluide. We chat about all things glitter, the importance of queer joy, and much more!

Introduce yourself to our Betty's and tell us about Fluide.

I’m the Co-founder and Creative Director of Fluide, a collection of makeup for all gender expressions, gender identities and skin tones. Fluide is here for for queer joy, resilience + radical self expression. Fluide donates a portion of all sales to organizations which support the health and legal rights of the LGBTQ community. Our current partners are Callen-Lorde and the Sylvia Rivera Law Project.

Isabella Giancarlo, Co-founder of Fluide

I love how intersectional the brand is. Can you tell us the story behind making this a priority?

Thank you!! My Co-founder and I came together around this idea that makeup can be a tool of transformation and a powerful means of self-actualization. As a community, queers are often forgotten, only to be mentioned as a statistic—typically a sad one. What about queer joy? Queer resilience? Where can we see our irreverent, otherworldly selves? As our Creative Director, it was important to showcase and celebrate the self-expression of people of all gender expressions and identities—and continue to work to represent an inclusive and expansive definition of beauty.


171110_Fluide_SHOT_18_054How does feminism play a role in the work you do?

What doesn’t feminism touch at Fluide? Our lens as feminist business owners shapes our mission, message and how we believe beauty can and should be represented. It also informs what models, stylists, partners we choose to collaborate with.


What the hardest part of starting a cosmetic line? Any advice for folks who might be interested in taking the first step?

It’s important for the products to align with the brand — since there are so many competitors, successful cosmetics companies really must be integrated in terms of brand and product set.

How can we support you/anything you want to share or plug!

Follow us on social @fluidebeauty & get your glitter on at