Meet Carol Johnson, The Founder of Si'Cure


Tell us who you are and what you do.

I’m Carol Johnson, 29, from Miami FL, founder of Si' Cure.

Give us a brief summary of what your business does.

Si' Cure is a new TRENDY contraceptive brand for all ages and genders. Si' Cure offers condoms, oral dams, lubricants, and more. Si' Cure has two lines of condoms: one dedicated to Women and the other dedicated to Men; both with male condoms inside.  

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 5.33.03 PMIn our current time 1 in 4 people living with HIV in the US are women. With these stats increasing each year I decided something needed to be done. Due to the masculine appearance of most condoms, women shy away from purchasing them, which may result in unprotected sex. I decided to create ''Destiny'' the first condom package dedicated to women with male condoms inside.

Women are now Empowered to control their destiny and carry condoms in STYLE. Destiny is one of the trendiest condoms you will ever see. It's a pinkish purple animal print condom pack with pink and black cheetah print wrappers. The thought process behind the colors and style were to produce a product that will attract women as well as young adults. 1 in 4 NEW HIV infections are in ages 13-25, my goal was to capture an appearance that will attract women and young adults.

What did you think you were going to be when you grew up?

I knew from the age of 11 that I wanted to be a successful entrepreneur. It's funny, I used to sell candy in school to make extra money outside of my allowance. A born hustler I guess :)

What was the first real job you had that you realized was the first step for your career? What did you do?

I used to work as a sales representative for a medical magazine. This was my first real job. Sales was new to me at that time but with the grace of God I did exceedingly well at it and the response of my clients and the revenue that I generated for the company lead me to believe I could do this for myself.

Tell us about the job you held right before you decided to go out on your own. Did you walk into this job knowing you were eventually going to work for yourself?

No...the job I held before I decided to pursue my career as an entrepreneur was at a weight loss center. I really enjoyed working there and loved my clients. However that longing feeling that I should be working for myself would not leave me. During 3 years of me working for the weight loss center I brought in hundreds of new clients and implemented new programs which generated new revenue streams for the center, and better weight loss results for my clients. My clients really benefited from the new programs I implemented. Often they were losing 2-3 pounds a week before I started, and once I got a hold of them they were losing 7-12 pounds a week.

I will say this I thank GOD for the transition into becoming my own boss because it showed me my strengths as well as my weakness. I feel in order to truly be successful at something you must know who you are, who's you are, your strengths, weakness, and your passion.

What were the advantages or disadvantages of being a woman in a corporate environment? Did you ever feel like you hit a glass ceiling or work with others who did?

Working in corporate America has it advantages and disadvantages. For me the corporate environment will treat you as you portray yourself. If you present yourself in a confident, knowledgeable, and strong minded manner you'll be okay. If you do not show your worth then they'll walk all over you. You have to be just as confident as a man would.

When did you first realize that working for yourself may be a good idea, and was there a certain event that made you finally take the plunge?

While working for the weight loss center I came into contact with a substantial amount of individuals who were currently or previously infected with an STI. This sparked my interest in doing more research on STIs, and AIDS/HIV. But honestly I will say it was God that gave me the vision of creating a contraceptive brand. Based upon my research, my vision, and that longing feeling of theirs more to me. I decided to stop procrastinating and step out there on faith and launch my business.

Do you feel that women who own their own businesses are faced with the same women- related issues as those in the corporate environment? If so how do you overcome it?

Yes, I feel women in general are faced with some of the same obstacles. I feel by knowing your product whether it's your own or the company you're working for, you must know what you’re working on inside out. By knowing your product and having a passion for it, you'll always be confident as well as knowledgeable and no one can talk down to you.

What advice do you have for those who want to start their own business?

Before starting your own business always do your research, don't get into a business because you see others excelling at it. Do something you love and you'll be passionate about, the more passionate you are the more successful you'll be. DO NOT! I REPEAT DO NOT let anyone talk you out of your dreams and goals. What GOD has for you is for you. Stay strong its not easy but it will be worth it.

What would you like Feminist Wednesday readers to know about your business?

Cure has a very POWERFUL mission. Our mission is to lower the AIDS/HIV, and STI stats. YES! HOWEVER it does not stop there. Our mission is to also lower the ABORTION, CHILD ABUSE, and ABANDONMENT stats. If we can all encourage each person we come into contact with to protect themselves and wear condoms all of the previously named stats will DECREASE. This is what makes Si'Cure different we see the bottom line. Less unplanned pregnancies the less abortions, child abuse, and child abandonment. Wrap it up! ''The life you save may be your own.''

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