Meet Brittany Watson, Owner & CEO of Body Language Apparel, LLC


blallc[dropcap background="no" color="#333333"]S[/dropcap]wimwear isn’t exactly an industry that we’d call intersectionally feminist. It’s traditionally tended to favor one body type: thin, tall, usually white. Thankfully, Brittany Watson has set out to change that narrative. She’s the founder of Body Language Apparel, a swimwear company that’s made for women who aren’t necessarily comfortable in “teeny tiny,” as Brittany puts it, bathing suits. This week, we chatted with Brittany about doing the work your soul calls you to do and how body positivity plays a part in all of this.[divider type="dashed" spacing="10"]

Introduce yourself! Tell us who you are and what you do.

My name is Brittany and I am the owner and CEO of Body Language Apparel, LLC. Born out of a desperate need to create and fulfill a purpose that set my soul on fire. In December 2015, I officially became a girl boss. As a single woman and mother to a 9 year old boy, I knew I didn’t want to just settle for ordinary, my soul craved excellence.[divider type="white" spacing="5"]

Can you tell us how you define feminism and how that plays a part in what you do?

The future is female. Women give birth to the world. Whoever questions the status, capabilities, or strength of a woman is seriously misunderstood. Feminism doesn’t play a huge part in what I do because I know who I am. I am capable of doing anything I think I can do. Anything I lack can be trained. Anything I don’t know how to do, I can learn to do, or hire someone who can do it better.[divider type="white" spacing="5"]

What's the most challenging part of your work? The most rewarding?

The most challenging part was in the beginning. The figuring out part. The what part. After I figured out the what, aligned my mind with the what, and made a game plan for the what, it was a piece of cake after that and I ate it in the highest heels.[divider type="white" spacing="5"]

What advice or resources would you have for women who are feeling discouraged by the swimwear industry's lack of inclusion?

I felt discouraged about the swimwear industry myself, especially with the growing social media beauty standards. Everything is teeny tiny and created for a body and shape that is unrealistic. That too, helped give birth to my very own line, Body Language Swim, made specifically for the language your body speaks.[divider type="white" spacing="5"]

Any upcoming launches/projects/initiatives our readers should know about?

The first apparel project that I will be launching under Body Language Swim Apparel, LLC is Her Shirt Shop, which will provide really fun and sassy body suits and crop tops for the summer. My pride and joy and that I am most excited about is Body Language Swim which will be launching January 2017 which will come with a website launch as well as a launch party TBD. I have recently started a new initiative with a fellow girl boss of mines called The Rich Girl Project, in which we will travel city to city providing events and resources to women young and old who are girl bosses themselves, or wish to become one. Our next stop with be Greenville, South Carolina September 18th an elite experience for entrepreneurs and professionals. My goal is to touch as many women as I can and empower her to be her absolute greatest self, make an impact as well as an income.