May Writing Challenge: Gender Roles & Relationships

GenderRolesRelationships are an important part of our lives. Partners can shape our thoughts, give us new experiences, and make us see the world differently. How does feminism, and specifically the cultural norms of gender roles shape finding and being in a relationship? If you are in a relationship how do you find equality or balance in your everyday life? Are you more aware of gender stereotypes? Does your relationship benefit from following or bending gender roles? How does feminism play a part in your relationship? Does your partner call themselves a feminist? 

If you are single how does feminism play a role in your search for a partner? Would you date someone who wasn’t a feminist? How do your values and thoughts about gender roles shape your dating life? Have you ever had a specific experience or date you can share where your date’s thoughts didn’t match up with yours regarding feminism? If so how did you handle that situation.

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Deadline: June 1 To submit: Email a photo of yourself with the article. Be sure to include your Name, Location, and Age  and article’s title to