June Writing Challenge

12832603709604.mIIOYfB2DEhR0taRATIT_height640June Writing Challenge:

Women in Leadership:

We all know women that inspire us with their motivation and leadership abilities.  For June’s writing topic, pick one woman in a leadership role and tell us why you think its important for us to recognize women leaders. How does this recognition shape the way we view women in our culture? How does it shape the way we view their roles outside the family?  Is recognizing the success of women leaders important to challenging systemically based prejudice and gender roles? What values does leadership teach younger generations? Do you think women are seen as leaders?  What challenges face women in leadership positions?

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Women’s Portrayal in Film:

Women make up 50% of the U.S. population, however they are only seen as the protagonist in 15% of movies and major characters 29% of the time. Why are women stuck in the supporting role bubble? Why is our portrayal in film always seen as objectified or sexualized?  Why is the relationship status of females more identifiable than males in films? Pick a film that shows a refreshing view of women and tell us why its important to showcase more versions of women on screen.  Do you think that women in films are put into very specific, stable roles? If so, how can the film industry work to offer more diversity amongst women characters?

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Deadline: July 10 To submit: Email a photo of yourself with the article. Be sure to include your Name, Age and Location as well as the article’s title to Erin@feministwednesday.com