Introducing Beaver Talk

tumblr_ms82evtiff1sa7h11o1_500 Beaverettes, I couldn’t be more excited to share with you the first Episode of Beaver Talk! Beaver Talk is our new feminist chat show were we discuss life and women’s issues with your favorite Bad Ass Bitches! This week on Beaver Talk we chatted with the wonderfully warm and funny author, Jennifer Tress.

Her witty personality and totally open writing style make this a must read book (and a must watch episode). The book, You’re Not Pretty Enough, comes from a conversation she had with her ex-husband about why he thought their marriage wasn’t working out. However, Jennifer took this feminist moment of enlightenment and turned it into a social movement, empowering women and men to know they are fabulous just the way they are. You can join her movement here, and buy her book here.

Click here to watch the first Episode of Beaver Talk, and don’t forget to share and like the link on facebook :-). Also, big love goes out to No Nets rock star, Sal for helping us create the most bitching Beaver Talk theme song ever.