How I Became a Feminist

EbonniEbonni, 18 Illinois

Last year ,it being a tough time for me, I needed something to stay focused. I was depressed, and it was getting worse. One day in August or July of 2012, I was on the internet and I came across the most beautiful Tumblr page I had ever seen. It was full of posts about Riot GRRRL, women's rights, and the female symbol. I wanted to learn more, so I looked up some of these terms and everything pointed to the  word "FEMINISM". 

I read about feminism on Wikipedia and realized that some of the things they were talking matched what I believed in. Equality, oppression and the struggles of being a female. Days after that I began to research feminism more and more. I followed more Tumblr pages and read more blogs. In December of 2012 I began calling myself a feminist. Telling my parents was hard,they didn't understand and still don't. A good friend of mine was the only one I can remember congratulating me, saying "I'm happy to know you're becoming a feminist". I felt so happy. I knew I was part of something great. Today I'm still learning about ways females are oppressed and discovering ways I can can contribute. I think when I get older I will be able to do more. I feel like I'm being held back at home from doing what I really enjoy. Being a Teenage Feminist is hard, but I'm proud to be one.