Happy Birthday, Erin!!


ERINBDAY[dropcap background="no" color="#333333"]A[/dropcap]s our readers know, Erin is a forcefield of a woman. Her energy is limitless, and her ability to bring people together is inspiring. Particularly, really powerful, driven and insanely empowering women (and men) together. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Erin’s mystical ability to be a tremendous friend, fearless leader, and a ladypreneur for the ages– all while starting a revolution for feminists everywhere while keeping true to herself. Erin is the definition of a BOSS bitch, and we can’t resist a good #WCW in her honor:[divider type="thin" spacing="10"]

11043213_602718413206332_8199169723107790068_oHAPPY BIRTHDAY, ERIN!

My heart is bursting with pride and love for Erin.  29 years ago when Erin was born, I fell hopelessly, head over heals in love with the sweetest little baby girl.  That love just grows and grows.  Her strength and determination inspire me .  Every day I feel blessed to call her my daughter and my friend.  I love you Er - bear.  My birthday wish for you is that your computer stops being cranky so you can finish what you need to do and enjoy the day with your wonderful husband.

xxoo MA

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You’ve changed my life in countless ways, from bringing me on the Feminist Wednesday team, to the Dream Team, all while being a wonderful friend and mentor. You inspire me (and all of us) in countless ways, your balance of getting shit done and remaining passionate, compassionate and genuine is incredible. I am so honored to know you and so happy to be part of this journey with you. Thank you for always crushing it and always being you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY E!!!


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Your 28th year on this planet has seen you inches away from debuting the biggest, most incredible creative endeavor you've ever done (so far). You've created a film, a company, and a movement out of thin air. While doing that, somehow you still find time to inspire me, make me feel loved, and make me so happy – every single day. You've done quite a lot with 28... I can't even IMAGINE what 29 will bring. I love you so much and I'm so damn proud of you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAY!


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Erin, I am not sure what exactly conspired in the universe to create the perfect conditions for us to come together, but I am insanely grateful they did. Alongside the insane highs we’ve been gifted, have come some of the greatest challenges we’ve both ever faced. Your dogged determination, work ethic, passion, compassion, warmth, and caring have been an anchor through so much. Thank you, from the bottom of my soul, for creating this film, for having such a thick skin, and for being willing to face this sh*t head on together. It’s your birthday b*tch, you better do whatever the f*ck you want. We’re going to make 29 the best year yet!


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I remember when I first saw the job posting for Dream, Girl. While learning more about the project, I could tell there was a ton of passion and soul oozing from every frame of that Kickstarter video. The phone interview was my first meeting with Erin and I immediately wanted to help meaningfully tell this story. During our first crew dinner, when the "Dream, Team" Erin assembled officially met, I looked around the table - then it hit me: like attracts like. This badass woman hand-picked a crew just like herself: strong, genuine, hard-working, ambitious, etc. (this list is impossible to sum up the aura of her being)...Thankfully Erin picked us out of the stack of applicants - we're truly lucky to have such a wonderful woman in our corner.



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It's fun to think back to a year ago - I remember your birthday last year and how I had talked to you and Komal on the phone for less than five minutes as we did introductions and briefly chatted about work. Since then, the growth of our friendship has been so organic. The love you give to everyone around you is absolutely selfless and limitless and the integrity you bring to your work is beyond inspiring. You are the most principled and courageous person I have ever met and I feel so lucky to be by your side every day. The way you support and see the good in everyone is such a positive influence. Your energy is contagious and the vision you have for feminism makes my heart soar. The year ahead is going to be nothing short of amazing and I can't wait to soak it all in together! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ERIN!

Love Diana

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Happy Birthday Erin! You are the best boss a gal can ask for! Seeing your dreams becoming a reality has inspired me to follow mine. Thank you so much for the endless love and support. <3


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Erin is the definition of a fearless leader. She's has an incredible vision combined with a no-nonsense get-shit-done kind of attitude and a commitment to making sure the people who work for her are supported and uplifted. I'm lucky enough to work with Erin on both Dream, Girl and Feminist Wednesday, and I know that she works SO incredibly hard every single day to bring our movement to life. Erin's truly an example of what happens when you create something that only you could create, and that the world desperately needs. I'm so beyond grateful to this powerhouse of a woman for building this movement, for bringing me along for the ride, and for being the constant shining light she is. Happy birthday, Erin! <3


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There’s not many people who can say they are premiering their film at the Paris Theatre. There are even fewer who can say they are premiering a film that they built from the ground up, that is bound to change the world, in New York. To be honest, when I first met Erin, I think I was surprised how grounded and humble she was, even though everyone who knows her, knows how noble her mission is with Dream, Girl. I’m honored to say, that Erin Bagwell also makes hands down, the single greatest cocktail I’ve ever had. (Yeah, you know, the milkyway one). Happy birthday, to the Fearless Leader, and Boss. You deserve a thousands days off, and even more cocktails. Keep on Rockin’ in the Freeworld


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Erin! Wishing you an amazing day. Thanks for all you do for female entrepreneurs.


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unnamedHappy birthday Erin! You are a phenomenal person, visionary filmmaker, wonderful leader, and my TV twin (we love all of the same shows). I am grateful that Dream, Girl and Komal connected us, because you are just so fantastic, inspiring and inclusive. You show us all every single day what it means to live our dreams. I feel blessed to call you my friend and grateful to be a part of the DG family. In honor of your birthday and our shared love for all things TV, I present to you this birthday meme featuring you surrounded by our favorite TV characters in their famous birthday episodes! May your birthday be filled with cake (Veep, House of Cards, Empire), fun hats (Girls), multiple parties (The Mindy Project), cupcake outfits (The Comeback), and Sal pulling a Titus and serenading you with Katy Perry's Firework and calling it an original song (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt). Have a wonderful day!