Happy 1st Birthday Feminist Wednesday & Betty the Beaver!



Feminist Wednesday is 1 YEAR OLD! We have been honored and humbled to share with you empowering content to inspire your inner bad ass bitch! Read about how Feminist Wednesday has had an impact in the feminist community according to our loyal beaverettes and team members:

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Chelsea Conaway:

Being a part of Feminist Wednesday has been an amazing an opportunity and experience for me. There are not many feminists in the South and although feminism made me feel excited and empowered, that feeling was often one I experienced alone. Becoming a part of Feminist Wednesday connected me with some really amazing women who share my passion for empowering women. It has given me a sense of sisterhood and the awesome feeling that we are all in this together. Thanks to Feminist Wednesday, I now know some awesome women from all across the United States to whom the fight for equality matters. Reading their stories and what the struggles they have faced as women has given me the feeling that fighting for equality and women’s empowerment really does matter. Thank you Feminist Wednesday, for giving me the opportunity to do what I love (write and edit), and for giving me an outlet to talk about things that matter. Happy birthday Feminist Wednesday!

 Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 10.34.30 AMJessica Buxbaum:

Feminist Wednesday has totally changed my life. And I am dead-on serious about that! Before joining the team I identified as a feminist, but felt disconnected from the movement. I knew I wanted gender equality, but didn’t think I was taking enough action or getting as involved as I could. Now, that I am part of this growing opportunity, I feel more empowered than ever as I am connected to other passionate feminists across the country, given the chance to share my voice, and learn new ideas. Thank you Betty for not just letting me write and edit (which I love), but giving me the chance to be part of a movement! Happy birthday!

Maggie Kerry:

Happy Birthday Betty the Beaver!  I am new to the Feminist Wednesday team, and in just a short amount of time I have grown so much as a feminist.  Feminist Wednesday has inspired me to not feel afraid of one’s reaction when I speak my mind.  I am no longer afraid to tell someone that, “It is NOT ok to shame another person’s body.”  I am often this very introverted (I will always be an introvert and that is totally ok) and reserved person who keeps to herself.  I often keep my mouth shut.  But thanks to Erin Bagwell for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this incredible team, I no longer feel as if I am alone through this ongoing journey I continue to take as a feminist.  I no longer feel like I have to keep my mouth shut.  I now have the encouragement I have needed for a really long time to bring out the inner bad ass bitch I have inside of me.  <3

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 10.34.42 AMJulianne Waber:

Happy birthday Betty! Being a part of Feminist Wednesday has really made me feel like more of a proactive feminist. I love being able to contribute to a platform of wonderful women speaking their minds. Reading everyone’s stories and hearing everyone’s stories is incredibly inspiring. Happy first birthday Betty, and here’s to many more!

Takeallah Serena Rivera:

Feminist Wednesday has inspired me to be a better feminist by providing a safe, inclusive platform for me to share my experiences and opinions that hopefully inspire other feminists to do the same!

Rachel Hills:

Congratulations, Erin. I’m inspired by how much of yourself you throw into Feminist Wednesday and the fantastic multimedia platform you’re creating. Keep up the awesome work. Xo

Holly Artanis:

Being a member of Feminist Wed makes me more aware daily of how I can help!!!

Why just yesterday while merchandising....I mixed boys lunch boxes/backpacks in the girls dept...... Cause! Maybe Susie would like to be a superhero!!!!!

streetharassmentKira & Meka from We Scream Loudly:

Congrats lady!!! Your site has truly been an inspiration to us and I know as well for other women!!! We are so excited for what's in store for you & Feminist Wednesday! Thx for always being a support to us!!!

John Laslo:

The past year’s experience with Feminist Wednesday has been nothing less than an inspirational and invigorating plunge into feminism and the power of forward-thinking women. It’s been a highlight of my week consistently, and newer/bigger things just keep on happening with it. A very light-hearted and warming source of creative output.

Cristina Rose:

Feminist Wednesday has reminded me weekly that I am not alone in fighting for equal rights and respect as a woman. I have a network of ladies to support me and to be supportive of. Feminist Wednesday has empowered me and has also challenged me intellectually by raising questions about gender roles in our society.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 10.39.00 AMJeanine Gleaves:

Watching Feminist Wednesday grow has given me a piece of mind that not many things can accomplish in me. It can be tough being in an environment day-to-day that just doesn’t seem to want to encourage you to push boundaries, but watching a community grow - which is what Feminist Wednesday truly is at it’s very core - is strengthening. It reminds me that there are a whole bunch of people out there that want to fight too, that want to learn more, and want to see what else is out there for them. To many more years of community building and empowerment of all!


After graduating from college last year with a Women's Studies major and a job at the University Women's Center, it took some getting used to not being in a feminist setting all the time. It was a hard transition for me and I became very aware that communities such as these do not just happen. Feminist Wednesday is a community that welcomes everyone and challenges us to be better everyday. It is a place to share, listen, and learn and I for one am very grateful to be a part of it. Happy Birthday Betty!


Happy Birthday to Feminist Wednesday! In a fun twist, Feminist Wednesday has been the one giving ME gifts! New friends, new ideas, new inspiration. From the podcast to the newsletter to the instagram pics, I find myself far more motivated now than a year ago to be engaged in feminist dialogue and to support the rad women around me. I’ve learned that there is no right way to be a feminist – no one hard and fast definition one must follow. The acceptance and encouragement that Betty the Beaver represents is what Feminism is all about! Happy Birthday!

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 10.35.32 AMErin Bagwell, The Founder of Feminist Wednesday:

Wow. A whole year old. My little baby beaver has grown into a full size animal! I can’t believe it. Maybe animal is an understatement, maybe she is more like a tiny beast! Either way I feel very grateful and excited that Feminist Wednesday as weathered through the storm of “Hey, this seems like a fun idea!” to me staying up all night on Tuesdays working on the newsletter, to stepping back a bit and letting my powerhouse team of designers and editors take over the heavy lifting because I am chasing the next big dream (Dream, Girl). Either way Feminist Wednesday has become an integral part of my life and finding my purpose. I feel so blessed to be part of this amazing cultural shift and movement, and am so excited about sharing each and every positive and empowering story with you. Everyday we will find out inner bad ass bitches together! #VivaLaBeaver!