Go Girl, the Feminist Card Game


go girl-By Jonell Joshua

[dropcap background="no" color="#333333"]T[/dropcap]he idea for Go Girl was actually born through a class assignment for my design procedures class, a class which teaches us how to use software for basic forms of design and product design. For one assignment, we were required to recreate an old game. I chose to redesign Go Fish.

The catch was, the redesigned game had to be targeted towards millennials. I decided that I wanted to focus on the subject of feminism. Feminism tends to turn into a heated debate, and I wanted a way to bring up the topic without the audience feeling as though the conversation is on the offensive.[divider type="short" spacing="10"]

This card playing game is designed to let young girls and women feel comfortable talking about issues that affect women openly – and for men, as well, to feel comfortable talking about women’s issues. Some of the visual symbols that are shown in the game include tampons and pads, various forms of birth control, breasts in all shapes and sizes, and more symbols that represent being a woman.

The game was made to be fun, not too serious but also casually bringing up certain topics that need more awareness and attention. Young girls can play this game with friends and feel comfortable learning about their bodies and learning that everyone is different.

This game was also inspired by my personal experiences growing up and learning about my body and learning about women’s issues and how important they are. Growing up, I was self-conscious about my body and tried to reach impossible beauty standards, which always ran through my mind as a young girl and teen.

I was even self-conscious about having my period and would hide pads in the bottom of my purse because I thought it was taboo for boys to see. It took a while for me to understand that being different is something to celebrate – having larger areolas than the movie star isn’t weird and choosing pads over tampons is up to you and no one else.[divider type="short" spacing="10"]

Go Girl is for everyone to enjoy, especially young girls and teens that are developing. It is important to have these conversations about women’s issues early and for girls to understand that nothing can hold them back from being great.

After designing the game I launched it onto Kickstarter and am now able to say I successfully made a game that people can actually play and enjoy. My hope is that through small measures such as this, girls will feel comfortable with themselves, and that conversations brought up in Go Girl will be much less taboo in the future.