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Olga - My mom is still inspiring me despite her passing in 2008. She emigrated from Russia with nothing, worked her ass off as a woman in tech, and battled cancer like a champ. She took risks and was fearless.

Lyndsay- Currently I am a 16 year old girl in high school-trying to spread feminism to fellow girls and stop girl hate, backing up girls after every sexist or rape joke I hear. Angelina Jolie is a female who inspires me. Not only is she an awesome badass, but she is beautiful and my favorite actress. She stars in my favorite film, “Girl, Interrupted”, and she’s in many other movies that I love. I think her roles are always cool roles that I feel like a man would usually have-not to diss men, Daniel Craig is pretty sexy in James Bond-but I just really admire her! I also think she has a ton of courage and I really admire her for that. The latest was her double-mastectomy. I was somewhat surprised by this, just because I’ve seen her have a lot of courage many other times so I wasn’t too surprised by her coming out with this. Breasts are so sexualized in our society and its cool that she could do that without caring, because even with all the “Save The Booby” logos, its only the breasts that are cared about, not the woman. She is just a big inspiration to me and I love her!

Amanda - Over the last few years I’ve drawn great inspiration from playwright and activist, Eve Ensler. Though most people may only know her from her work, The Vagina Monologues, Eve’s professional and personal career is a laundry-list of awesomeness. Whether she is traveling to the Congo to help women recover from rape and abuse, or working behind bars to give voice to silenced female prisoners, women and their stories are the heart of her life’s work. Eve Ensler works with survivors, not victims, and sees people, not perpetrators. To her, women are much more than just an accumulation of what’s happened to them.  Eve mobilizes women and inspires real feminist progress around the globe. Her compassion and commitment to seeing the uniqueness of all women is SUPER inspiring to me.  Plus, these days she is rockin’ a pretty badass haircut.

To learn more about Eve’s commitment to ending violence against women and girls around the globe, check visit HERE To check out her latest play, Emotional Creature about the “secret life of girls around the world,” look HERE To see her badass haircut, click HERE

What Makes You a Bad Ass Bitch

Olga- I’m a badass bitch because I know I can get through anything but I’ll still have a good cry over how cute an animal is. I can be assertive and scary and loving and a crybaby all at the same time without any shame.

Lyndsay- I would have to say the way I’m passionate about what I believe, I’m constantly sticking up for girls because teachers always seem to sexualize us. And I’m also very strong in my arguments when it comes to what I believe. I just went on a slutwalk with my best friend for my mother because she was sexually abused growing up.

Amanda- I’m a badass bitch because I do my best in navigating feminism to support all women – across race and cultures - regardless of where they fall on the feminist continuum.  Do you want to be a stay at home mom and raise your kids? Well as long as you know you don’t HAVE TO because of SOCIETY, then I support you. Do you want to be the CEO of a toilet paper company? I can get on board with that too! Women are socialized to be competitive with one another and judge each other more harshly than they do men. I try to be inspired by other women rather than competitive or jealous. I think a success for one woman should count as a success for all women.

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