Bettys On Your Block


Who You Admire Now

Anna- Okay, this may sound silly but in all honesty I’m really admiring Judge Judy Sheindlin. My Dad has been a huge fan for years so I grew up watching her. Then, I happened to learn that the law school I began attending was Judge Judy’s alma mater. I feel like my Dad approved of my school choice more after hearing this. I’m in my fifth week of class now and one thing that really struck me from the beginning was the guy to girl ratio in classes. I knew law was a male dominated field but I hadn’t thought about it much. It really hit me one day sitting in a class of 20 and I realized there were 5 girls in it. In 2012, only 31.3% of attorneys were women. It’s a little intimidating. Then, I thought of Judge Judy. She graduated in 1965. Can you imagine what that would have been like as a girl?! They estimate a graduating class in 1965 would have been 3% women. The passion, drive, strength, and so much more it would have taken to be a woman in law school then is awe-inspiring. Now Judge Judy has heard more than 20,000 cases and that’s BEFORE starting her television show in 1996. Talk about a bad ass bitch!

Brittany- My Sister, soon to me a mother is having a little lady! She has always inspired be to grow into a beautiful woman. She is a voice of reason and makes the best of any situation. She is such a Betty and always is a class act. She will raise her daughter with such demeanor and grace. She’s the smartest girl I know and I’ve always looked up to her!

Mandy- Right Now, Kate Nash. She plays the bass, is a feminist, has a girl gang and a pet bunny; she is pretty much the epitome of a Bad Ass Bitch. She’s not afraid to be herself, be tough and stand up for what she believes in. She’s an independent woman of the 21st century!

What Makes You a Bad Ass Bitch

Anna- Doing this law school thing has kind of made me feel like a bad ass bitch nowadays. It’s the most difficult and overwhelming experience of my life but I’m loving the reading, highlighting, and briefing. I’m excited to grow up to be the Millennial version of Judge Judy!

Brittany- What makes me a bad ass bitch is that I’m confident not cocky. All the women who raised me: my mother, grandmothers, sister, and aunts have all been strong women! I know how to live life and enjoy every second. I have my down days once and awhile but it’s one life we live and you have to make the best of everything!

Mandy- My two cats, Rory Maggiegyllenhaal the Tyrant and Le Tigre Pear Story.

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