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tumblr_mskvc6iohp1sa7h11o1_500 Who Do You Admire Now

Katherine A- I’ve always admired my grandmother. I think she was the original badass. She gave everything she had to provide for her family, even if it meant working in a pickle factory 8 months pregnant. Growing up, if I ever had a problem, she was the one who could make everything better. And I got my stellar baking/entertaining skills from her.

Kellie K- My best friend has had the roughest few years that I have ever seen anyone go through. Personal and health situations should have really brought her down. They did not. She is the most hard working, warm, pleasant, level headed person I know. She is a fantastic mother and friend. This woman never hesitates to be there for others. I feel honored that she calls me friend.

Takeallah R- I admire my grandmother because she raised eight children as a single woman of color during the Civil Rights Era.

What Makes You A Bad Ass Bitch

Katherine A- I guess I am a badass bitch, because if you mess with any of my friends or family, I’ll make you wish you hadn’t… And still get home in time to throw an amazing dinner party.

Kellie K- I am a bad ass bitch because I work hard and play hard. I am capable of taking care of myself, but know the importance of letting others help me when I need it. I will never sit by and watch bad things happen to the people I love, if there is any chance I can help them. I am surrounded by greatness. I know it and appreciate it bitches!!

Takeallah R- I am extremely resilient….I have always managed to get up whenever I have been knocked down….I’ve faced abuse, domestic violence, depression, stalking, and many other hardships, and I have always managed to face them head on.

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