Betty on Your Block

unnamedby Kimberly C, Glendale CC What female is inspiring you right now?

My Ecofeminism professor: Dr. Lina Gupta. She is one of the most erudite, complacent, and admirable people I have ever met. She is an ecofeminist herself, but she isn't really a shove it in your face kind of person. The thing is, everything she says has a certain gravity and depth to it, it makes you listen and really draws you in. I think she is a very influential, fantastic person.

Why are you a bad ass bitch?

I'm a bad ass bitch because I blossomed, I suppose, into a feminist after I was in an emotionally abusive relationship for three years. One day something just clicked and I realized I don't need to acquiescent and submissive and that I do have a voice, and it has made me feel empowered and slightly outspoken, but in a good way! I finally have a backbone. Although I am still in an internal conflict with my mind, it is slowly being quelled and I am growing to be happier everyday with my feminist self. Feminism has been a huge part of my healing process. And I'm actually hoping to start a "who needsfeminism" campaign at my school next semester, I'm really hoping I follow through with it and make it happen!

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