Betty on Your Block

bettys Introducing Bettys on Your Block, a Feminist Wednesday exclusive that spotlights our neighbors and friends. They tell us what females in their life they admire, what makes them a bad ass bitch, and much more. Want to be featured in this exclusive? Click here!

Who You Admire Now

Elissa - Amy Heckerling because she’s a female director who was making kick ass movies in the early eighties when women couldn’t break into the business; it could be so much better today but at least we have Amy and others, these pioneers who have paved our paths. Rachel - Eleanor Roosevelt. She was a writer, humanitarian, positive public figure, outspoken, mother, social activist, and had great nicknames like ”public energy number one” and my favorite, “Eleanor Everywhere.” Mandi - Courtney Love- She’s not afraid to speak her mind, she can take the heat, and she is hilarious.

What Makes You a Bad Ass Bitch

Elissa- I speak up and say what I think, but when I don’t know the answers I don’t pretend I do.  Instead I’ll ask the important questions. Rachel- I can do anything - like, anything. Learn and use languages, do a back bend, write well, make friends with anyone, enjoy work, sail a boat, run a marathon, ride the subway with out needing to use my phone or iPad for entertainment. And I want to keep learning and be able to do more. Mandi - I’ve spent the last two years in exile in South Korea teaching English and revolutionizing the punk scene (I play bass in a band called Cancertron). I wear SPF 50 every day. I once had a tapeworm for over six months. I have sensual dreams about pizza. I’ve never met anyone famous.