A New Miss Eaves EP (& Videos)

MissEavesImageHi! I am Miss Eaves, a Brooklyn rapper originally from NC. I love making body positive/feminist dance music! I have always enjoyed entertaining people and making them smile. I am super into DIY culture. I co-direct/direct my music videos, design my album art and merch and even make my own jewelry!

Currently, I am not signed by a label. This is good because I can tell my stories unfiltered and fight societal norms in my own voice. However, it is really challenging, because I pay for all of my music,videos and tours completely out of pocket. I pay around $2.5-3k for music videos and around $500 per track. Because I believe in the art I am making, last year I spent $15,000 out of pocket.

Iā€™m making a NEW EP in 2018, more real talk that hopefully continues to empower people everywhere. So, I really need your help! I have some great rewards for you guys (mostly made with my own hands) to thank you for supporting my art and me.

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