10 Ways to be a Better Feminist This Summer



by The Feminist Wednesday Team

1. Get involved with a local battered women's shelter. Studies show that domestic violence rates rise during the summer months. - Chelsea Conaway

2. Brush up on your feminist summer reading list. - Erin Bagwell 

3. HOLLAback at street harassment. - Erin Bagwell

4. Take action and join up with Planned Parenthood, they always have great rallies! - Jeanine Gleaves

5.Become more politically knowledgeable and active. Find out who your local and national representatives are, and find out how they voted on women's issues (women's health care, equal pay, domestic violence issues, etc.). You can find your representatives and see how they voted using votesmart.org. -  Chelsea Conaway

6. Join a feminist book club! - Jessica Buxbaum

7. Don't stay silent! Speak out against injustice! - Jessica Buxbaum

8. Support women-owned businesses and businesses that donate to women's rights' organizations. -  Jessica Buxbaum

9. Start a feminist book club! - Chelsea Conaway 

10. Be more body positive!  Not just for yourself, but be more body positive towards others as well.  With it being summer and all, we tend to see body shaming in public places or on social media websites more often than any other season.  Everyone, even feminists, can be guilty for this at times and we may not even realize it.  A great way to be more body positive is by simply telling someone you see that is body shaming that it is is NOT okay.  She is wearing this bikini for herself.  What does her choice in swimwear have to do with you?  If you are questioning the choice of swimwear with a body type that you may not feel is suitable, tell yourself that very same thing.  Remind others that we are free to rock the bikini and confidence that we choose!  - Maggie Kerry