10 Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Beaver


1) Monica Ramos- Tote bags I love Monica Ramos’ feminine style, soft colors, and cheeky imagery of waffles and selfies. And who doesn’t need a new tote bag?

2) Janelle Monae - Electric Lady This album is amazing. It sounds fresh with a vintage twist, has a great storyline. And I love how Janelle is strong and feminine, sexy and sophisticated. She is the whole package, I’m totally obsessed.

3) The Feminine Mystique I know, I know its 400 pages and it was written in the 60s, but this book will change your life. I have never thought one feminist thought in my head that I didn’t connect back to this book. Its amazing, its revolutionary, its relevant- Oprah said everyone should read it. She was right.

4) Cococare 100% Cocoa Butter Its delicious. Its addictive. It smells like cookie dough.

5) JewelGirls Jewelry JewelGirls is an amazing program that you can buy rings, bracelets, and other jewelry from. They support over 200 girls who have survived sex trafficking, who create the pieces as a part of their art therapy.

6) The Book of Jezebel: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Lady Things Jezebel is everyones favorite feminist blog. They are funny, witty, and thought provoking. Now we can have a hard copy to adorn our homes and offices! I love Jezebel, and you can even take a selfie of the book with half your face. Highly recommend.

7) Donate to HollaBack HollaBack is a one of my favorite organizations putting a stop to stress harassment. Their empowering storytelling, grassroots organization, and wonderful events make this a must-support organization this holiday season.

8) Valfre- Cell phone covers I love Valfre! Her bright colors and demonic girl-child visuals are fantastic. I suggest the Pussy Power phone cover, but she has eight sassy designs to choose from.

9) A plant. I love plants, they add oxygen to your room, and in the winter they add light and warmth. I say skip the flowers and go right to the planted stuff. But if your friend doesn’t have significant sunlight or is missing a green thumb, replace plant with puppy. That will do.

10) Alien, The Movie This movie is amazing- its exciting, its thrilling, it has Sigourney Weaver in her underwear! It was one of those Hollywood gender switch-a-roos that was originally written for a man, but becomes so iconic with a leading lady.

BONUS- Feminist Wednesday’s Betty the Beaver Mug Spike your coffee with some feminist flavor with our newly released Betty the Beaver mug just in time for the holidays! #vivalabeaver!

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