You're Fine. By Gina Tron Book Giveaway!



We are so excited to announce that our friend Gina Tron, the author of the new book

"You're Fine"

has graciously offered our readers a chance to win one of her glorious new books! To enter the contest all you have to do is

comment on this photo

on the Feminist Wednesday Instagram and tell us who you're favorite feminist author or book is to be illegible to win. The winner will be selected at random and the contest lasts until Dec 17th! Happy commenting!  "Gina Tron is not the best person at being a person, which is why on Christmas eve 2010 she checked herself into New York City's Gracie Square Rehabilitation Center and Psychiatric Institute. This memoir is an account of a self-proclaimed adult low life. It's a trip down Tron's cocaine-frosted rabbit hole as she observes the assembly line of broken people (herself included) produced by society, then labeled as incorrigible by failing institutions. She is not a vindicator of the floundering masses, but a stumbling shaman soap-boxing a nihilist spiritualism. Tron reminds us of our undeniable mediocrity; it's our averageness which manes us human, and our humanity which makes us extraordinary."

- Paper Cut Press

Erin Bagwell