Your Moment of Ambition

00_YMOALogo_2by Kylie Kendall

We made a web series!

When you make a movie, as I’ve learned via my two year crash course working for Dream, Girl, one of the most heartbreaking realities is that a lot of really great, thought-provoking, heart-filled material ends up on the cutting room floor.

When Erin and Komal, the producers of Dream, Girl, got the advice from their executive producers to cut the majority of the characters from the film and focus on just five women, it felt like a monumental loss.

Most filmmakers would grieve those characters and move on with the editing process, but Erin and Komal are not most filmmakers. They decided to take those moments and turn them into a 10-part web-series paired with feature-length editorial articles on women in business and entrepreneurship.

When I was brought onto the Dream, Girl team, fresh out of journalism school and beyond ecstatic to have found meaningful work in my field, I was assigned the written portion Your Moment of Ambition.

It felt like a dream. Having the opportunity to work on a series designed to empower and uplift women, something that aligned so deeply with my values and passions, I felt like I’d won the lottery. I also, however, felt very impostory --- like I’d somehow scammed my way onto this dream project. But once I realized the power of what we were creating, there was very little time for self-doubt.

So I got to work, researching and writing, keeping one steady mission in mind all the while: to make the power of female entrepreneurs undeniable.

By using research, stats, expert sources and women’s first-hand experiences, covering a huge variety of topics, I wanted female entrepreneurs to be wholly seen for what they are, which is undeniably powerful, even in the face of systemic hurdles.

I also wanted the series to be a place women could go to feel inspired and uplifted --- but what I absolutely didn’t want was another how-to. Women are bombarded constantly with content that tells them how to speak, dress, behave in order to succeed. What I instead wanted to do was showcase the ways women are already succeeding, and prove that there’s no one way to do so.

Add to that the beautifully produced and edited video vignettes, little nuggets of wisdom and inspiration that you’ll want to watch on replay, and we hope Your Moment of Ambition leaves you empowered and ready to take on the world.

Check out Your Moment of Ambition here and comment below with your favorite episode!