Women's History Month Video Challenge

womenhisHi Feministas! We are so inspired and motivated by the strong females that have come before us and excited about what the future of feminism has in store. That is why we are supporting the June Baby Production's Women's History Month Video Challenge. We want to know how you are going to shape history. The most inspiring entries will be featured on TheeKatsMeoww youtube channel and shared on Feminist Wednesday, helping to spread your message of empowerment to bad ass bitches everywhere!

To participate all you have to do is:

Film yourself answering the following questions:

"How do you plan on making history?" And "What do you love about being a woman?"

Below are some helpful hints for filming yourself: - State your name before answering the questions - Answer in full sentences (ie: I will make history by...) - Pause in between each question. Each question will be its own video. - Make sure the shot is from the mid chest up with a little head room. - Try to have the best lighting possible so the shot isn't too dark  - Remember to be yourself cause your awesome :)

The deadline for submission is March 6th so get those iPhone's rolling!

Once you have completed your video please send it to kat@theekatsmeoww.com

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