Women Supporting Women: The Goddess Project


The Goddess Project is a feature length documentary made by two girls who traveled 10,00 miles across America interviewing incredible everyday women about their paths to self discovery.  

We interviewed Holli & Sara about their journey and experience so far- and you can help complete their film by donating to their kickstarter campaign today!

Can you give us a brief summary of The Goddess Project?

The Goddess Project is a documentary film about being a woman, overcoming your fears, and living the life of your dreams! In the summer of 2012, we packed our lives into a vegetable oil-powered school bus and traveled from coast to coast interviewing extraordinary women about their paths to self-discovery. Throughout our six-month and 10,000 mile journey, we met women from all walks of life who bravely volunteered to bare their souls in front of our lens. We interviewed artists, mothers, healers, businesswomen and scholars about the life-changing experiences that shaped them to become who they are today. From the perspectives of over 100 women across America, this feature length film explores the process of finding and harnessing your own power.


What inspired you to produce your own film? And why do you think it is important we share more stories about women?

Movies play a huge role in shaping culture, and we need more films that inspire women rather than perpetuating negative stereotypes and limiting beliefs. The Goddess Project was inspired by our desire to see more multi-faceted role models for women and girls in the media. This film explores the many ways that women across America are realizing their potential, overcoming their fears, and shifting our world into a new state of consciousness. By sharing the stories of women from all walks of life, we hope to bridge the gaps that separate us from one another and show the infinite possibilities that exist when you step into your own power! Men outnumber women in the film industry, so it is so important for more of us to get behind the camera and create empowering content that is relevant to women and girls.


Where were you working or what were you doing before you decided to start producing the film? Were you ever in a situation where you felt like you hit a glass ceiling? Did this affect your decision to design your own destiny?

Sara: Both of us work freelance to support the dream! I work as an editor and Holli works as an art director & graphic designer. From a young age we both had the desire to design our own destiny and make an impact with our art. It took many years of hard work to be able to sustain ourselves as independent artists, and we made many sacrifices to get this far. It’s always much more challenging to blaze your own trail, but in this process we have learned and accomplished more than we ever thought possible!


What advice do you have for girls who are interested in production and want to start their own projects? What was the hardest/best part of producing The Goddess Project?

The hardest part of producing The Goddess Project has been acquiring so many new skills and finding the funding we need to finish the film. The best part is that every time things get hard, we have over 300 hours of footage from women who inspire us to keep working towards our dreams! If you commit wholeheartedly each day to doing what you love, your dreams will eventually come true! All great things take time, confidence, and perseverance, and with that understanding, you can achieve anything you set your mind to!


You both produce together, and our friends at June Baby and House of June are both female duo-run production companies. Is there more power in more voices? How does it feel to work as a team?

Definitely. We wouldn’t have been able to take on something this big alone. Whenever one of us is feeling defeated or discouraged, the other is always there to help lift us back up. We support and inspire each other every day to evolve and take our dreams to the next level. Alone we can only do so much, but together we can create something so much bigger than ourselves!


What else would you like Feminist Wednesday readers to know about The Goddess Project?

We just launched a Kickstarter campaign to finish the film! We have 1 month to reach our goal and any donations would be greatly appreciated! Click here to watch their trailer & donate!