Why I Wrote Creative Money



by Erin BagwellFounder of Feminist WednesdayDirector of Dream, Girl

A little over a year and a half ago my business partner was diagnosed with cancer and with a heavy heart decided to step away from the day to day operations to focus on her health. However in addition to being gutted about losing her, I was also faced with an existential crisis about the business we had built together.

My plan had always been to be the creator, to occupy the space of the artist, and to hand the film over to her to release into the world. Now that she was gone I felt alone, lost, confused, and insecure. I told myself I couldn’t run our sales team, and I struggled to fully see myself as both the filmmaker and the person who was going to get rejected on the phone by strangers. My ego spiraled for a few weeks until I got my shit together, settled into a routine, and leaned on my incredible team (Hi Diana and Kylie!).

We made a plan, set some goals, and did what we have always done- the work. We figured out what worked for us and for our audience.

And in the beginning we fumbled- we made mistakes about who our customer was, and we struggled with pricing and how to communicate our value. But over time we got smarter, learned to pivot faster, and came up with tricks to make the sales process more meaningful and fun for each of our personalities. And it paid off.

Over the past year Dream, Girl has sold over 250+ screening events globally. And while we’ve learned so much along the way, there are so many things I wish I had known before we started.

Which is why I put it all on paper. Creative Money is a 70 page e-book to help you ‘Sell Like an Artist.’ Whether you are distributing your own film, promoting a book, or selling your life’s work this guide gives you the step by step process through the eyes and soul of a fellow artist.

I go into everything I’ve learned from running our sales over the past year:

  • The (learnable) skills you need to know to be a good salesperson

  • How to authentically tell your brand’s story

  • How to de-tangle yourself from the creative

  • Why you should treat the creative like a member of the team and how

  • Creating a salesperson to unleash your inner salesperson

  • What to do when someone doesn’t want to pay for your work

  • Diving into the unique challenges of selling as a woman

  • How to price your work

  • How to identify your audience vs. your customer

  • Understanding the problem your business is solving

  • Where to find your customers

  • Building out your website’s sales page

  • What to do about discounts

  • Understanding and anticipating seasonal sales

  • Creating a sales routine

  • How to stalk people on your press list and get great PR

Ready to dive into elevating your brand and selling your creative endeavor?

You can buy the Creative Money PDF online now for just $18. Click here to grab your copy. Want a sneak peek? Click here to read 'Chapter 4: Selling Your Soul here.'

*50% of the proceeds this week will go to the Texas Diaper Bank

by ErinFeminist Wednesday