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Happy Feminist Wednesday! Can you introduce yourself to our Betty's.

Hey Feminist Wednesday! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us! We are Katya, Kyle and Liam and our band is called The Violet Kind. We’re about to release our upcoming EP, OXTR, which we hope will be a means of catharsis for the survivor of sexual violence and will also create a platform to stand up and say that enough is enough.

I love that you are tackling issues of rape culture, but the tone of the songs feels bright and hopeful. Can you speak to us about striking that balance?

In Speakeasy, the actions of a perpetrator are likened to a speakeasy bar - it’s all about what goes on behind closed doors; what is hidden. I wanted to write a song that felt accessible, pretty to listen to but also something that would be exposed once the listener discovered the subject matter. The hopeful tone is there to empower the listener because Speakeasy is about giving that voice back to survivors who, for a plethora of reasons, may not have been able to say no. It is calling out a perpetrator for the wrong that has been done. For too long, I think society has questioned the victim’s role in the crime, and it is time to place the blame where it truly lies.

Has anything surprised you about tackling these feminist issues publicly through your music?

It is definitely a difficult topic to discuss for most people so even just talking about the theme of OXTR can be notably uncomfortable for listeners. I feel really strongly about the message of the EP and believe that the more we discuss issues like rape culture, the more people will be able to stand up for survivors, to call out people when they’re blaming a victim and inevitably be more kind to each other.

Being a full time feminist/activist can be super draining. Do you have any tips on how you regenerate or focus on self care?

I think it’s incredibly important to take care of yourself - to do what feels right for you and continue to love yourself; Do things that you love. Spend time with people you love. Switch your phone off if you need to. Write down your thoughts. Not everyone will agree with you or want to hear what you have to say which can be difficult! However, being secure in what you believe and how you feel about yourself is really helpful!

How can our Betty’s can support you?

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 5.19.46 PM

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 5.19.46 PM

That’s really kind of you to ask! We have our video for Speakeasy coming out next month and OXTR will be released on March 16th!

Thanks for your time, Feminist Wednesday!

Katya, Liam and Kyle The Violet Kind!

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