The Intern Diaries: Week 3 + Goodbye (For Now)


dgintern3By Olivia Land

[dropcap background="no" color="#333333"]H[/dropcap]appy Feminist Wednesday, dreamers! Welcome to the third and final entry of the Intern Diaries, a recurring series in which I chronicle my experience interning with Dream, Girl. Although this week was short and not as action-packed as the previous two, the last couple days were the perfect way to wrap up my time with the DG team. Below, I’m reflecting on the last three weeks and musing about my future dreams for Dream, Girl and myself.

My Dream, Girl internship was not what I anticipated, but since when is anything what we expect it to be? I still go back to lesson number one from my first week on the job: be prepared to pivot. Not only was flexibility a necessity during my three weeks with the DG crew, but it’s also a crucial tool for life, as well. Whether it’s a change of work location or an out-of-the-blue crisis, we all need to be ready to create solutions at the drop of a hat. In that sense, we’re all business owners, the entrepreneurs (or #girlbosses) of our own lives.

While my internship made me appreciate the change-maker gene in all of us, that didn’t take away from what a privilege it was to witness Dream, Girl’s team in action. As I’m sure you all know by now, the women behind the Dream, Girl banner are truly a force to be reckoned with. From watching Erin direct a shoot to hearing Kylie’s insights on sales to seeing Diana do what looked like five tasks at once, I was never wanting for motivation and inspiration. Whether I was working with the team in person or over Skype, I checked in everyday determined to be as productive as I could, to somehow give back to the women who offered me so much. After three weeks, I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to repay the team for all they’ve done for me as mentors and friends. I am so grateful to have Erin, Diana, and Kylie in my life, and cannot wait to see what all three of them do with Dream, Girl and beyond.[divider type="dashed" spacing="10"]

[dropcap background="no" color="#333333"]R[/dropcap]ight now, there is about one week until the one-year anniversary of Dream, Girl’s premiere at the Paris Theater. While I have incredible memories of that night— warm summer air mixed with the city’s sound effects, seeing Erin and the team on stage, meeting Annie Wang and Mariama Camara outside the theater after the showing— what’s more inspiring is thinking about how far both Dream, Girl and myself have come in that time. 365 days ago, DG was a film with a message, ready to burst into a bona-fide movement, and I was sixteen-year-old dreamer feeling more than a little lost. Today, Dream, Girl is on it’s way to becoming a bona-fide enterprise and movement, and I’m leaving high school behind and starting a new adventure. Over my three weeks on board, I grew to appreciate how Dream, Girl and I are at similar stages: We’ve both “hatched” and grown wings, and are now down to the gritty business of learning how to fly. It’s a very vulnerable time, but also a magical period of growth and discovery. I am grateful that I stumbled across Dream, Girl in time to witness a year of its growth and for the role it continues play in my own becoming.

In my first entry of the Intern Diaries, I wrote about how beginnings are important. I was going to start my last entry by discussing how endings are also important, but the right words wouldn’t come to me. The reason, I realized later, is because this isn’t really an ending. Like I mentioned above, the Dream, Girl movement has no borders or expiration date— wherever I am, I know I always have a home with the DG tribe. If anyone reading this is feeling “lost,” as I mentioned above, or needs some inspiration, I highly recommend you check out Dream, Girl, join the Facebook group, follow along on Instagram, and trust me when I say there’s treasure trove of community waiting for you. The world, of course, could always use more dreamers…