The Girl Gang Missives Vol. 37


GGMBy Nicole BelangerThe Girl Gang Missives is a weekly report on the badass things that women are making/creating/building/writing.

[dropcap background="no" color="#333333"]T[/dropcap]his week, the women are drawing bad drawings, gearing up for protests, and fighting feisty foxes.

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  1. Utilitarian beauty tips for the revolution: From advising you against oil-based sunscreen (oil exacerbates pepper spray), to reminding you to wear glasses and keep your contacts in your pocket, Arabelle Sicardi has you covered when it comes to beauty and personal care tips for the revolution.[divider type="white" spacing="10"]
  2. Lasagna soup is a real thing, guys: You can find the recipe here. Bless you, Rachel Miller, for bringing this to my attention.[divider type="white" spacing="10"]
  3. Hire this lady! Hello, party people of DC! My very cool and lovely friend Katie (and your fellow GGM-er!) is on the job hunt! She has a background in repro rights and community organizing (among other things) and is interested in anything related to organizing, digital communications and advocacy, training, data analysis, that kind of thing. Progressive non-profits or consulting orgs would be great, she says and she expressed that she's particularly interested in doing some consulting work for the time being. If you know of any opportunities, you can reach her directly on Twitter, or email to me and I'll pass 'em on to her![divider type="white" spacing="10"]
  4. Bad Drawings by Bad Women (would make a lovely gift): Looking for a thoughtful, but not-too-expensive gift for your art and women-loving friend? I think this book might just fit the bill.[divider type="white" spacing="10"]
  5. Let's make periods normal again: My pal and also GGM-er Alicia Napierkowski cordially invites you all to join her on an adventure to normalize periods by reading and talking about it once a week in her new newsletter, Friday Flow. Subscribe![divider type="white" spacing="10"]
  6. Like "Compassion for Dummies", but with more compassion: Last week, we talked about tips for speaking empathetically and compassionately with folks who have cancer. If you're hungry for more, might I suggest pre-ordering Emily McDowell's (yes, that Emily McDowelll who does the cards) new book, There Is No Good Card for This: What to Say and Do When Life Is Scary, Awful and Unfair to People You Love.[divider type="white" spacing="10"] 6.5 An opportunity to exercise that compassion: This week, Leandra Medine, founder of Man Repeller published a very personal post on the site sharing with her readers that she recently experienced a miscarriage. It is a beautiful piece and a great reminder to reach out over the holidays to your loved ones who have experienced loss to check in on them.[divider type="white" spacing="10"]
  7. On frozen mops and a feisty fox: What do you do when a possibly rabid fox is attacking your dog in the middle of the freezing arctic night? Hit it with a frozen mop, apparently.[divider type="white" spacing="10"]
  8. A GGM community shout out! Special thanks to the women behind GUTS Magazine who reached out to me to share their recently published LOVE issue and giving me a sneak peek of what's inside: "A couple of pieces you might be particularly interested in are Rebecca Jade's Making Threats, which deals (cw.) with anti-blackness, state oppression, and rape within an intimate relationship, and Erica Violet Lee's In Defence of the Wastelands: A Survival Guide, which beautifully ties together land defence, body defence, and love in the wastelands."[divider type="white" spacing="10"]
  9. Something giggle-worthy for the road: Some marital advice we would all do well to take.

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Now, over to you…

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NicoleBelangerPhotoNicole Belanger is the founder of Fourth Hour, a collection of original content that celebrates and supports everyday women in their daily lives. She is the author of the ebook On Resilience, the creator of the Conversations With Her interview series and the send-er of the Girl Gang Missives every Friday morning.

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