The Girl Gang Missives Vol. 19


GGMBy Nicole BelangerThe Girl Gang Missives is a weekly report on the badass things that women are making/creating/building/writing.

[dropcap background="no" color="#333333"]T[/dropcap]his week, the women are fixing bathrooms, side hustle-ing (who isn't, though), and painting their aunties...

...and I'm a little light on links because it's a long weekend in Canada and I am mentally on vacation already. Cheers![wc_divider style="solid" line="double" margin_top="5" margin_bottom="5"]

  1. Chill out about your discharge: If your "sex ed" (I put it in quotes because the term 'education' is generous here) was anything like mine, I'm guessing you grew up thinking pretty much all vaginal discharge was bad vaginal discharge. That couldn't be further from the truth. Cop some real education on the subject from Ashley Reese.[divider type="white" spacing="10"]
  2. A more inclusive world, one bathroom at a time: As I'm sure you are all well aware, transgender people face tremendous discrimination and violence, even when doing something as simple as using the washroom. While we have a long way to go as a society to make our communities safe for all, Kristin Russo and Allison Weiss are hoping to start moving us in the right direction by providing businesses with resources to make their washrooms gender-neutral. Check out their Kickstarter campaign for OUR Restroom![divider type="white" spacing="10"]
  3. Planned Parenthood wants to help you know when you bleed! This week, PP launched a brand-new app, Spot On, to offer period-having folks a free and easy way to track their menstruation. It might just be a more palatable option than using the one built by a guy who wanted to have sex without a condom...[divider type="white" spacing="10"]
  4. Side hustle? More like grocery fund: I wanted to stand up and cheer and sob into my hands while reading this piece on the millenial side hustle from Catherine Baab-Muguira. We didn't invent the second job, she argues -- we just branded it.[divider type="white" spacing="10"]
  5. Aunties 4 life: If you love delightful art, you're going to want to check out Canadian artist Meera Sethi's beautiful, fun, colourful tribute to the aunties in her life: 'Upping the Aunty'.[divider type="white" spacing="10"]
  6. You're not crazy... And this original webseries currently seeking funding will help remind you of that! Under the guidance of founder Karen Cahn, this series is tackling the issues that women are facing but not talking about -- head on. They can only make season two if they raise the money to cover production costs, so please consider chipping in![divider type="white" spacing="10"]
  7. Something giggle-worthy for the road: Some Canada Day fashion inspo for y'all.

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Now, over to you…

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NicoleBelangerPhotoNicole Belanger is the founder of Fourth Hour, a collection of original content that celebrates and supports everyday women in their daily lives. She is the author of the ebook On Resilience, the creator of the Conversations With Her interview series and the send-er of the Girl Gang Missives every Friday morning.

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