The Average Indian Woman


zaejazBy Zahabiya Aejaz

[dropcap background="no" color="#333333"]T[/dropcap]he average Indian woman is not just a woman, she carries many titles to her name from her birth til her final words.

The journey of an average Indian woman begins with the luck of being born & not killed instead another.

Once she’s born she’s first a daughter & then whatever else her own personality is.

Growing up, her studies take the back seat as she makes tea for her brother while he studies, even though they both have exams at the same time.

But she's a sister, a daughter first & then her own ambitions & dreams come secondary.

In cities, if she is fortunate enough & the family has enough sense to educate her as well as her brother instead of getting her married of at an early age, only then does she have the luxury to pick & choose what she wishes to study in colleges & universities.

But even with all that education, that is if she is allowed to make it so far, her degrees & qualifications are only used as a medal or as a resume to the potential to be husbands of her.

It is very rare that she gets the opportunity to live a happy marriage & yet have the freedom to put her education to actual use & pursue jobs as she grows through her life

So far she's moved from the responsibility of being a daughter, sister & now a wife & to be mother.

The average Indian woman is not just herself but a mix of all these unending responsibilities & duties that she’s not only expected to fulfill but excel in it as well, as a standard norm.

Being a mother comes with its own set of expectations & restrictions aside from what she already has put on her from birth. Because Indian women are always expected to be a certain way & do certain & not do certain things, being a mother just adds a whole other layer of that. Because now you are not only judged for your actions but you are judged by the actions of your children which indeed how good you are in raising them or not.

In all this where is the role of the man in Indian society? I can tell you, parenting isn’t something that they are taught to take any active interest in, their role is really quite limited to bringing in the money.

The rest, budging, saving, planning, preparing, caring, etc all of that falls on the women & yet her position in society & even in her own household is 0 or very little acknowledged & cared for.

Mothers, sisters, wives, they raise you, they care for you, they put your needs even over their own needs & wants. You can’t ask for a more stronger role model in a household & such a person needs to be held at the highest of honours.

P.S. of course there are exceptions to the above mentioned average Indian women. But at the heart of it, we all know women to be selfless, caring & ever loving & we know that what we do for them is still not enough, & that needs to change across the globe.

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