The Aftermath


eliseBy Elysse Andrews

[dropcap background="no" color="#333333"]A[/dropcap]fter the election, I looked everywhere for something that would help me process the tragedy that had just occurred. I lost myself for a long time looking outwards instead of inwards – until I did and this is what happened next.

My name is Elysse Andrews and the election crushed me. I spent a month not eating well, not exercising, and not taking care of myself because of my desperate sadness and dread for what’s coming in the world. I lost myself to grief for a while, but then I remembered who I am and how deeply my passion for equality runs.

There is nothing more important in the world to me than being heard. Hence why I am a writer and want to go into politics. I want to change things.

I want to look into the eyes of someone who does not believe that women have rights to their body and I want to scare them. I want them to be afraid of how much fuss I am going to make.

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[dropcap background="no" color="#333333"]I[/dropcap] have always been scared to set my sights on high offices. I was scared that I did things in the past, such as drinking underage like every single other millennial I know, was going to bar me from reaching the height of my goals. That someone somewhere was going to be intimidated or even annoyed by me and use bad decisions I made when I was 14 to take my voice away, to silence me.

I won’t be silenced. I believe so strongly in the right of women to make their own choices that nothing will stop me from working to make women of all shapes, colors, and races equal to the privilege of the white wealthy male.

I thought until tonight that Donald Trump took that fire away from me. I thought that the fog of depression I’ve been feeling was not going to lift and that I’d never find my way back to the blazing fire that is my passion for women. I was wrong. The fog comes and goes, but I’ve seen the fire once and know exactly what path I have to take to get back to it. If the fog comes again I will perhaps pause but never break my path towards it.[divider type="short" spacing="10"]

My name is Elysse Andrews and I will not take this presidency sitting down. I will not shrink any part of myself because my intensity makes others uncomfortable. I will not let Donald Trump win and be the kind of woman the conservatives want me to be.

It may take time and it may take tears, but I will stand for/with other women, and I will roar.