Online Shopping for Real Girls

cristinaby Cristina R Brooklyn, NY

I'm a girl that loves to get some time in to go shopping. My closet is so full that if I buy something, I'm forced to donate clothes so my new things can fit.  My shoe collection extends to a box underneath my work desk! Since I have a pretty busy schedule, I usually purchase my clothes online. However, more often than not, the garment I was waiting for in the mail goes right back to where it came from, and there is an unfortunate reason for that.

The cute red dress that looked so good on the model looks like a totally different dress on me.

This is because fashion companies have argued that a model's build naturally wears clothing better so you can see the true shape of the garment. I'm not dissing models here, but shouldn’t the purpose of a model be for you to see how clothes look on YOU, the customer? If you happen to have model measurements, well then shopping is pretty easy, but what about the rest of us? Luckily, a lot of online retailers have finally recognized that women's bodies actually do come in different shapes and sizes.  Online retailers such as,, ,, and allow customers to post pictures of themselves in their new garments, and even post their height and measurements when reviewing a product. So next time you browse for cute summer dresses, you can read reviews plus see pictures of what that dress will look like on a girl that may look a lot like you, which is just as beautiful as any model on your computer screen.