New Rules for Blondes

blondesby Erin Bagwell, 26 Brooklyn, NY

As a platinum blonde, I know a lot about blonde stereotypes. I remember walking home from school in the 2nd grade and being bombarded with blonde jokes. For some reason my classmates loved to tell these jokes to me, like my locks were somehow an oracle that could really unlock the prowess of my second grade soul. But as I grew up I learned my blondness could be an asset too. In a room or a group I had to be prepared to stand out and stand alone (we are a dying breed). My blondness could also be a powerful tool- I remember after my college graduation my mother telling me 'power of the blonde' stories like we held a secret coven through our love of ammonium.

Which is why I am so excited to share The New Rules for Blondes. I happened to run into the author, Selena Coppock, at a storytelling night in the Lower East Side and as I was inconspicuously trying to sip my Blue Moon at the bar. She spotted my blonde locks, slipped me a post card for the book, and said 'You look like you could use one of these.' We got to chatting and I learned her new book wasn't just about blondes but about silly brunette rivalries, sisterhood, and most importantly self love.


[blockquote source="The New Rules for Blondes"]A brunette pal once taught me a brilliant saying: “I am who I am without apologies.” Without getting too touchy-feely or delving into “the last five minutes of a Full House episode” territory, the most important lesson here is self-love. The best way to go through life is to love yourself, take care of yourself, have your own back, and be your own first blonde bestie (you can work on forming a blondetourage later). Be proud of who you are and what you do, even if people assume that you’re a helpless, vain moron because of your dope hair. Even if people say your hair is brassy or your roots are showing or your hair color makes you look like a trashy hooker (I’ve been there!)—if it makes you happy, that’s all that matters. Whether you’re ashy blonde or California platinum or, heck, even a nonblonde, learn to love you for you because you’re fantastic and special and don’t need to apologize to anyone for it—you shine, literally. (page 240)[/blockquote]


Check out Selena's fabulous new book The New Rules for Blondes on sale now!